September 15, 2023

How To Get the Most Out of Hulu: 8 Tricks You’re Probably Not Aware Of

Hulu location trick Chromecast

Hulu location trick Chromecast

Hulu location trick Chromecast: Hulu has carved a niche for itself among streaming buffs, not just in the USA, but all over the world. Whether you want to immerse yourself in super hit TV shows and films or looking to watch live telly, Hulu probably serves you in a way no other streaming service can.

From tens of thousands of episodes from various TV shows, including Hulu Originals and movies to the live broadcast of 75+ live TV channels, this ultimate source of entertainment is just a subscription away. Not to mention, it’s still cheaper than your regular cable TV subscriptions.

For those who don’t know, Hulu is a geo-restricted service that isn’t available beyond American borders. But you can use our Hulu location trick and watch your favorite content from anywhere.

Apart from this trick, let’s uncover the 8 tricks you’re probably not aware of to get the most out of Hulu.

1. Enable smart widgets on your smartphone

Are you used to watching Hulu on your smartphone? iPhone and Android users can toggle to a personalized Hulu widget that provides a one-click turn to the previously watched content or recommendations for new titles.

iOS users can hold a blank space on their screens and as the add sign will appear, can type in Hulu. You’ll be asked to choose between two widgets: “Discover” or “Jump Back In.”

If you are using an Android phone, press an empty space on your screen and click the widgets button. Type Hulu in the search bar and select the widget you intend to use. You’ll have to choose between “Keep Watching” and new content.

2. Personalize your channel lineup

This tip is only for Hulu basic or live TV subscribers. Want to add a channel to your watching list? You’ll need to save your favorite networks in the “My Stuff” section.

From the homepage, navigate to the TV tab and scroll to find the “All TV Networks” column. Select the channel that you want to watch. When you go to the My Stuff tab, and click Networks, you’ll see all the channels you’ve just added.

Subscribers to live TV must take different steps. Launch the Hulu app and select Hubs. Scroll to the A-Z segment, then click Add to My Stuff to add the channels you prefer. To make sure they’re added to your channel lineup, go to the Live panel and select My Channels.

To delete these channels from your main page, go to My Stuff and select the network button.

3. Tailor your subtitles 

Hulu allows you to customize the subtitles. For your programming, you can change the background, font, and window design. Open the app and go to your profile tab. Choose settings and open the Subtitles and Captions tab. You can adjust the font color, shadow, window, and background.

If you’re watching from a browser, you can change the subtitle setting. While a video is playing, tap the gear icon. Select Subtitles. Select Settings in the subtitle’s menu and the window with options for font type, color, and opacity is opened. After you’ve made the adjustment, select Done.

4. Turn on the night mode

Night Mode is the perfect function if you watch Hulu at night on your laptop. To lower blue light tension on the eyes, it adjusts your display to a dark theme.

To activate it, hover your pointer over your profile and you’ll see the dropdown menu. Switch the Night Mode switch on or off. Despite the fact that this feature is only accessible on laptops, you can employ the cast function to watch Hulu from your computer to your smart TV or Chromecast.

5. Pause; don’t cancel your subscription

Are you planning a trip? Need a breather from monthly expenses? Hulu can be temporarily disabled for at least 12 weeks. Navigate to your account site and look for the subscription section. Press the Pause button. Decide long you like Hulu to be off your subscription bar.

You will not be invoiced during this period, but keep in mind that the pause period starts on the first day of the next pay. Unless you manually restart your subscription, your account will be reactivated after your pause expires. Your new billing date will become that.

6. Turn off Autoplay

If you are a Netflix frequenter, then you’re used to the Autoplay function, which automatically starts the next teaser or episode. Hulu features the same function, and you can turn it off and on.

For TV and smartphones, select Settings from the profile icon. For previews or videos, turn off Autoplay. If you’re using a web browser to watch Hulu, tap the gear button during playback to access Settings. Switch Autoplay to the off.

7. Sweep Your watching history

Have you finished binge-watching your favorite shows? What about last Halloween’s horror movie fest? If you’d like to rewatch content from the start or if you need to pare down your watch history, there is a way to delete already-seen content.

Navigate to the series or movie details tab on your TV. Select the gear icon labeled Manage Series. You’ll be questioned if you wish to delete the title from the watch history. Choosing “Delete” not only removes this from your Keep Watching list and history but also from your watching progress for a whole movie or series. 

8. Get the Hulu app and keep track of your remote control

If you’ve lost your TV’s remote, don’t worry, you can still stream Hulu on your TV using your phone. How? Download the Hulu app on your smartphone, and cast it if your TV supports Airplay or Chromecast.

Make sure that your TV and phone both have the same Wi-Fi connection, then launch the app on your phone. Select the video you like to watch and then click the Cast or Airplay icon. Enjoy streaming by selecting Chromecast or your TV from the menu. You can use your phone to control playback features.


Hulu offers a rich user experience, with plenty of features that enhance your watching experience. However, you have to explore these features, you have to tweak the apps for yourself.