How to Handle Television Packages While Moving

large carton damaged television

large carton damaged television

Large carton damaged television: One of the most significant moving challenges is packing your fragile electronics to ensure they are safe and arrive at the destination safely. Television is one of these electronics you must handle carefully when moving. You need it when you arrive at your new apartment and familiarize yourself with the new neighborhood. 

When moving, pack all the television accessories, such as cords, extensions, and other packages. You also need to follow a packing guideline that details how to package all the accessories to ensure the television and other items arrive at your new destination. Here is a simple packing guideline for you to consider.

1. Choose Appropriate Packing Box 

Handling the television carefully is essential to avoid any damage. Therefore, you need the right boxes to store the television while moving. Ensure you know the television size to help you select the right storage box. 

Whenever you buy certain types of television, you should carefully store the boxes, especially if you live in a rental home and may expect to move.  The box will be handy when packing to move to a new premise, and it will also save you the burden of having to buy a new box. Do not dispose of any other items in the box; you may need them in the future.  

The role of these safety features is to protect the television from vibrations and constant movement that can eventually lead to damage. With the original box, packing the television will be easier without the special help of movers.

If you buy a large carton damaged television, it may be challenging to reuse the same box when packing to move out. Therefore, you can order a new carton from local sellers or contact the television dealer to order a new box. But remember to order the new box in advance so that it arrives before moving day. Besides the box, you also need tape, which is necessary to seal the box, whether original or purchased. 

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2. Pack the Television in the Box Properly

Once you have all the necessary packing items, the next process is to pack the box and secure it. Here is the guideline on how to do it.

Cleaning The Television 

This is the first process to pack your television safely; use an air blower to blow away the dust. Whether it is clean or not, ensure the television arrives at the new location without any dust. Clean the television and wipe all the surfaces before packing. 

Clean the cords and every element connected to the television, including your game console and the sound systems. Next, unplug all the cords, sort them out, and store them together because you will need them in the next house. If necessary, label all the cords and cables to avoid confusion. 

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Safeguarding The Television Inside the Box

Once everything, including the cord, is safely cleaned and sorted, the next process is to package the television. If you buy the box, wrap the television on a blanket or safety clothing. Spread the blanket on the floor, put the television on top, and then wrap it safely before putting it into a box.

Put the television in the box upright, the boot layer should be down, and the top position should face up. This is also how you pack it into the truck amidst other goods. Add additional safety features to protect the corners and ensure the corners are fully covered.

When wrapping the television in a blanket, the first safety feature is to tape the blanket to protect all the layers. After it is in the box, add a layer of bubble wrap at the front and the back for additional safety. Next, seal the box and tape the box carefully.

Packing Other Items

There is always a dilemma on how to pack additional items such as cables, remotes, extensions, and sound bars. Do not pack the cables inside the box because you easily risk destroying the television, especially if something presses on the box, which can then put a lot of pressure on the screen. 

This explains why you will likely arrive at the destination with a damaged screen.

If you must add the cables to the packaging box, cover them in a cloth, then add them to the back of the television. Also, ensure they are at the lower levels of the box, closer to the television base.

3. Carry And Place Television In an Upright Position 

When carrying the television to and from the truck, handle them carefully to avoid further damage. Move them upright, and if the television is too big, ask someone to help. 

Carrying them alone makes it much easier to slip and fall. Carry it in an upright position to prevent items in the box from freely moving and possibly damaging the screen.   

4. Avoid Placing the Television With Other Items in The Truck 

When transporting or putting the television in the truck, ensure it is amidst other boxes and is standing upright. Do not put any other items on the box to avoid damaging the screen and other vulnerable sections. Alternatively, you can lay the box flat on top of other boxes. 

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Television is fragile and vulnerable to damage when packing, carrying, transporting, and unboxing upon arrival. Be cautious at all these stages to ensure safety and carefully handle all the parts, such as cords. Finally, have all the necessary safety features to keep the television safer and in position. 


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