December 4, 2023


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How to hide channels on whatsapp

How to hide channels on whatsapp

How to hide channels on whatsapp

WhatsApp Channels, a latest addition to the famous messaging app, allows customers to observe their favorite celebrities and information portals. However, a few may additionally find it distracting or pointless. In this article, we’ll discover how to disguise WhatsApp Channels on each Android smartphones and iPhones.

Why hide WhatsApp Channels?

WhatsApp Channels, introduced through Meta, offers a completely unique manner to live updated without sharing personal statistics. Nevertheless, some customers decide on a cleanser interface with out this selection, which turns WhatsApp into a quasi-social media platform.

Permit’s delve into how you may smartly disguise this selection if it’s now not for your liking.

Hiding WhatsApp Channels on Android

In case you haven’t updated WhatsApp yet, you’re in luck. You can retain using an older version of WhatsApp with out the Channels function. But, in case you’ve already up to date the app, comply with these steps to revert to the older version:

Backup Your Chats: before making any changes, make sure your chats are backed up.
Uninstall WhatsApp: Uninstall the more recent version from your Android device.
Set up Older model: download the older version’s APK from a legitimate supply and install it.
By following those steps, you could use WhatsApp without the Channels feature. Bear in mind to periodically take a look at for updates from dependable sources to preserve protection.

Alternative approach to hide Channels

If reinstalling an older version seems cumbersome, there’s an opportunity approach to cover WhatsApp Channels, even though it doesn’t cast off the feature absolutely:

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Click on “Updates” located within the app.
  • Select “View Updates.”
  • By way of following those steps, you’ll push the Channels function all the way down to the bottom of the page, making it less prominent. However, please be aware that remaining and reopening WhatsApp will reset this placing, so that you’ll need to copy the manner to hide Channels.


WhatsApp Channels may be a valuable addition for a few customers, however it’s no longer anyone’s cup of tea. Whether or not you opt for a purifier interface or virtually don’t locate it useful.

These methods permit you to disguise or keep away from WhatsApp Channels On each Android smartphones and iPhones.

Pick the method that quality suits your possibilities, and enjoy a distraction-free WhatsApp experience.


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