December 4, 2023


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How To Manage Small Business Inventory?

how to turn on keep inventory

how to turn on keep inventory

Being a business owner means you have to be on track and evaluate your business regularly. With that being said, one of the most integral parts of a business is inventory management.

Cloud based inventory management  is the process of having the right product in the right quantity at the time of sale.  An effective inventory and revenue management system can
help you generate revenue and prevent you from investing in wrong.

While learning inventory optimization, taking help from inventory management software is the best course of action. However, the software is not a necessity; it just adds to your convenience.

What Is Inventory Management?

Inventory management is an essential part of supply chain management, aiming to stock the inventory with the right product in the right quality. If this process can be done efficiently, it significantly reduces the cost of the excess use of inventory while maximizing sales.

By effectively managing the inventory, you can ensure that you have the right product at the right time. This practice will ensure that your inventory is filled with the right products and not with the products which are just eating away your inventory space.

How To Manage Small Business Inventory?

Inventory management is all about keeping your stock level to the point where you do not have too much or too little product in your business inventory. Small businesses do this by continuously watching over the stock levels and reordering when they find a need.

If the inventory management is not done correctly, you will not be able to reach business efficiency. With that being said, we have come here to talk about how you can effectively manage small business inventory.

1. Organize Your Products

The first step is to organize your products and seller information in a reliable system. Some businesses use manual tracking systems such as spreadsheets. However, this method might be prone to human error. So, if you want, you can use inventory management software.

Whether you are using software applications or sticking with the traditional use of spreadsheets, you will be needed to record the following information for effective inventory management.

  • Product name.
  • Products code.
  • Short description.
  • Product categories.
  • Wholesale cost.
  • And other aspects of the products that might help you categorize the products.

2. Create & Submit Accurate Purchase Orders

Purchase orders management software is the easiest way to manage inventory. They let you know the inventory level- from the ordering and shipment level to paying the bills. Purchase orders are financial transactions; hence, reviewing them will give you an idea of your business cash flow.

Every purchase order has a low stock alert that alerts the owner about the stock’s minimum level. These low stock alerts act like mini-reports and help you supervise the stock level.

3. Receive Inventory Orders Correctly

Once you have made the purchase order, it is important that you are checking the shipment process. It is important that you keep track of the shipment process and safeguard your order from theft.

To receive inventory correctly, ensure that you unpack every order and match the orders as per the original order made. In addition to that, ensure that your shipment has a packing slip. This will help you know if the dealer has made a mistake or not.

4. Tag & Level Inventory

Once the orders are in your inventory, inventory management is switched with inventory control. Inventory control is about controlling the flow of the products that you have in your hands.

Controlling the flow of the inventory is generally done by tagging and labeling the stocks. The tagging and labeling of the products help the business keep track of their products.

5. Track Inventory

Now that you have tagged every product in the inventory, the only thing remaining is to track them. Whenever a sale is made, track the inventory and update the sales. It is important that your every sale is updated the moment a sale is made. This will give you real-time ideas about your inventory level.

As your inventory numbers keep going down and reorder alters are made, you will be able to make purchase orders accordingly.


Whether you are looking for an inventory optimization of inventory management, this article will guide you effectively. Follow the steps we have mentioned above, and your business will never run out of products or will run out of stocks. how to turn on keep inventory

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