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How to solve google drive problems? Best guides

How to solve google drive problems

How to solve google drive problems

How to solve google drive problems: Google Drive is a system that allows data storage and enables various types of businesses to run appropriately. It is made based on cloud technology. Most business organisations around the globe depend on Google Drive for day-to-day work. If you are a modern professional, there is a fair chance that you have encountered Google Drive.

Although the Google Drive system is easy to work with, it can sometimes lead you to a problematic situation. As a result, you might have to stop working for several minutes. This can affect your overall performance as a professional.

You can study the solutions related to fixing Google Drive problems here. This article contains the best guidelines to escape the common drive problems. However, try taking the support of the google chrome helper as it can make things easier for you.

Common Google Drive Problems

The most common Google Drive problems include inaccessibility to a file and clogged storage. Moreover, you can have issues with file synchronisation too. Never consider yourself alone to have encountered any of these issues. Well, millions face the same problems and fix them accordingly.

All you need to do is follow the proper guideline to solve Google Drive problems. Take a keen look at the points below:

1. Disabling the Firewall and Antivirus

Activated antivirus and firewall might sometimes cause file synchronisation errors. It might also show messages like “You are offline .” Well, this is a common error that you can fix in a few easy steps. 

The simplest way to escape a file synchronisation error on Google drive is by disabling the firewall and antivirus. However, you should not forget to turn them on after a few minutes. The steps to disable the things described above are as follows:

Step 1: Open Settings (Press the Windows key + I) 

Step 2: Search for Update and Security

Step 3: Reach to Windows Security and open it

Step 4: Check for the option ‘Firewall and Network Protection’

Step 5: Select and slide the Microsoft Defender Firewall

Step 6: Your antivirus and firewall is turned off

2. Recovering a disappeared file from Google Drive

Recovering a disappeared file from Google Drive is a bit tricky. You need to follow different procedures to execute it. Everything depends on the level of accessibility that the file has.

Remember that some files might disappear from the drive as you access the Google Chrome theme creator. Therefore, all the procedures are given here in a case wise order:

Case 1: If the file only has the owner’s access

In case a file only has owner’s access, you can check the Trash folder of your drive. The easiest way to reach the Trash folder is by looking for it in the left-hand navigation. Once you see the file in the trash, right-click on it and choose Restore. As a result, your file automatically reaches its original location. 

Case 2: If the file has multiple access

A file that has multiple access can disappear if one user deletes it. This can be considered as a drastic mishap on Google Drive. However, there are ways to retrieve the file.

In this case, you need to contact the file owner as he can retrieve it from the trash. Otherwise, you can get the administrator directly. He can directly retrieve it from the trash. Apart from the files, you can even recover image files on Google photos the same way. 

3. Making Storage Space

At times, storage space runs out from Google Drive. If this situation occurs, you cannot keep making new files in the drive. Many people mix it with the problems related to Google Chrome extensions; however, the scenario is different. 

In case you run out of Google Drive space, there are two approaches you can take to resolve the issue. They are:

1. Upgrading the Google One Storage

Google One Storage upgrades can resolve issues like a shortage of storage space. However, it is chargeable. You need to pay Google a monthly or yearly cost and enjoy an extension of drive storage space. Generally, there are different charges for 100, 200, and 2000 GB data. 

Remember to choose this approach only if you have all essential data in your pre-existing 1.5 GB storage. Otherwise, go for the second approach. 

2. Data Deletion

Data deletion is the easiest way to revive Google Drive storage space. In Google Drive, you can find the storage option on the left-hand side of the screen. Once you click on the storage option, you can sort it for storage used. 

You can find several files on which you can right-click and choose the remove option on storage used. Clicking on the Remove option would result in the file deleting. 

However, consider this as the first step. You need to delete the file from the Trash folder too. This would ultimately result in freeing up the storage space.

If you are still unsure how to empty trash in google drive, you can study it on the internet itself.

Apart from files, the applications in Google Drive take a lot of space. So, you should also delete the apps and the data to enhance usable storage space. The cog icon would help you track the third-party apps’ activities. You can find this option in Settings. 

If there is a severe space crisis, you can delete the application entirely. This can instantly boost the storage space in the drive.

Final Words

Google is one of the top companies in computing and technology. It has given common users the right to use cloud technology for free. However, issues can occur now and then. 

Well, you can now follow the guidelines mentioned here and fix the most typical problems occurring in Google Drive. Remember that the procedures are pretty simple, and it is no rocket science. All you need to fix the drive-related problem is to calm down and take the right approach. 

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