December 3, 2023


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How to Solve Stretched Screen Issues for Windows 10?

windows 10 stretched screen issue

windows 10 stretched screen issue

The visuals of your Windows 10 PC may sometimes crash due to driver errors. Stretched Screen is a display issue that will occur due to Graphics driver problems. A stretched screen on Windows 10 can influence user engagement with the OS operations. To provide flawless system performance, we have attempted to brief all the possible methods for resolving the screen issues. We believe these informative insights can assist you in resolving the Stretched screen issue on Windows.

Stretched Screen on Windows 10 – How to Resolve the Issue?

A stretched screen will occur in your device because of the errors in the display and graphics settings. Let us see how we can tweak these settings to address the screen issues.

Method 1:  Tweaking the Display Settings

Sometimes irrelevant display settings can result in stretched screen issues. Let us learn how we can customize the display settings. Tweaking the system resolution can assist you in solving your stretched screen error.

 Step 1: Access the desktop of your Windows 10 (Win + D) and invoke the right-click for the context menu.

Step 2: Choose the display settings in the tab.

Step 3: Locate and select the option for advanced display settings.

Step 4: Check and ensure that the resolution level is as required. It should be set to high!

Step 5: Restart your system to implement any changes you made in the display settings.

Method 2: Graphics Driver Update

Keeping your drivers up to date will help you in obtaining great performance. Updating the graphics driver can resolve the stretched screen issues on Windows 10 PC. You can use manual and automatic methods to update your graphics driver. Let us discuss how we can do it.

Keep Windows Updated

Windows operating system releases the latest update to ensure all the device drivers are functioning properly and there is no driver conflict. It installs the latest drivers, patches, bug fixes, and latest features for swift functionality. By default, the Windows Update feature is supposed to update automatically however if it is disabled, you can scan for updates manually.

Step 1. Click on the search icon on TaskBar and search for the Settings app.

Step 2. Go for the Update & Security option to get into the Windows Update tab on the left.

Step 3. Hit the ‘Check for Updates’ button and let Windows find new updates for your PC.

Step 4. Select all the found updates and go for the install option. You may need to restart the PC if you have downloaded any critical updates.

Manual Steps to Update Windows 10 Graphics Driver

Checking for driver updates using manual methods is a reliable method. The updates will be availed from the Manufacturer’s website while using manual tweaks. The system control panel can assist you in updating your Graphics driver manually.

How to Keep Your Graphics Driver Up to Date automatically? 

If you don’t have the time to install the driver updates manually, you can go for the automatic graphics driver update options. For doing so, you will need to acquire a reliable third-party driver updating tool. Smart Driver Care is a trustworthy choice available for updating Graphics Drivers and all other drivers on the go.

We have a collection of driver updating tools available. Choosing efficient and reliable software plays a key role in the driver updating task. Undoubtedly, Smart Driver Care is a one-stop solution for updating your Graphics Driver. Let us check out the A to Zs of the Graphics Driver updating tool.

Smart Driver Care

Are you suffering from performance glitches due to an outdated driver? No problem, this is the best solution you can find over the web. Smart Driver Care can update all our drivers in a single click. All the driver updates will be downloaded from reliable manufacturers’ websites. So, you need not worry about the genuineness of the file download.

windows 10 stretched screen issue

Smart Driver Care has the excellent capability to detect and update all your device drivers. The software itself is having a large collection of driver updates from reliable web sources. The tool can also quarantine your corrupted drive and resolve any errors.


  • Easy and intuitive driver updating options
  • Capability to create a backup file for your current driver configuration
  • Outstanding ability to address any performance glitches due to an outdated driver
  • Excellent ability to restore your driver configuration from the backup file

How to Use Smart Driver Care Tool?

Being an effective updating tool, Smart Driver Care software can assist you in diagnosing your outdated, missing, incompatible and corrupted drivers. You can start using Smart Driver Care with the following guidelines given.

Step 1: Acquire the setup file of the software from the original website.

Step 2: Complete the installation by executing the setup.

windows 10 stretched screen issue

Step 3: Run the program after installation.

Step 4: Initiate the scanning sequence to identify the outdated drivers.

windows 10 stretched screen issue

Step 5: Select the driver to update from the scan report.

windows 10 stretched screen issue

Step 6: Select the graphics driver and click the update option. Update all other corrupt drivers to resolve driver conflict on your PC.

windows 10 stretched screen issue

Bottom Line

Keeping your Graphics Driver updated is mandatory to avoid any display errors. The stretched screen issue is the most common display issue that should be addressed. However, identifying the methods for resolving screen issues may require deep research. To assist you in this concern we have detailed the best and most effective methods for resolving the stretched screen issue in this post. Use these details and enjoy superior display quality.