September 15, 2023

How To Start An Online Clothing Business

how to start a clothing business with buying wholesale

how to start a clothing business with buying wholesale

There are a lot of ways to do so but many have turned their attention to doing business online. There are a lot of options for people to do business in the comfort of their homes but the best one surely is starting your own online clothing business. Clothing is an undeniable necessity with the demand for new clothes only increasing day by day with each passing fashion trend. Setting up a business online may take a bit of effort but it is no hard task. There are some easy steps for you to follow that will help you set up a successful online clothing store in no time.  

Select A Niche for Your Online Clothing Business

A niche is a part of the market you want to focus on and build your business over. A clothing store may have a variety of products but every store specializes in something that is completely unique when compared with other competitors in the market. Yellowstone Clothing is a great example of this case as this website focuses on selling Yellowstone Merchandise only. There are two main points to focus on when deciding on a niche. Both these points are extremely crucial as they decide the direction in which your business proceeds. Those points are: 

  1. What are you passionate about? 
  2. What do you offer that is unique when compared to other stores? 

These points are the base of your business as they decide the course of action needed for the business to prevail. If you are passionate about streetwear, you can start an online store that is dedicated to streetwear with a few options for others to explore. If you are someone who has a bit of experience in the field of fashion, you can also design your own clothes and sell some of your exclusive designs. There are other options for you to explore as well as the world of fashion is very vast and has enough space for everybody. 

Choose A Catchy And Unique Name

Choosing a good name for the business is an important step that many people tend to overlook. The name of your business is the first thing that is going to reach people, which means it is the representative of your efforts. Copying the name of someone else will only get you negative attention and may even waste your efforts that may have been otherwise fruitful. It is essential that the name you choose also hints at the type of store you are running. The length does not matter just as long as it is not too big for one to remember. A good name is a foundation of the business as it may intrigue potential customers to at least explore the store, if not buy anything. Their exploration may bring them around the next time when they are actually in need to buy something that you have in your store.

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Find A Source To Obtain Your Products

Finding a reliable source for products is very essential as a steady source with good quality is extremely important. There are different ways by which you can easily source your products to sell. You can buy them from a wholesale supplier, have them manufactured to your desire if you are designing your own clothes, or you can dropship clothes from a supplier. Manufacturing your own clothes may be expensive as you would need to set up a production line while coordinating with a production line but it surely will be worth it if you come up with something unique.  

You can either drop ship or order products wholesale if you do not intend to manufacture your own. When you sell products that are shipped directly from the supplier to the customer, you are doing drop shipping. Because it requires less money upfront, this is a good option for people just starting out. You’ll need to open an account with a supplier that offers drop shipping. When choosing a supplier, just make sure to confirm their reputation, price, shipping times, and product quality as they will definitely affect your future business.  

Create Your Own Website for Your Online Clothing Business

You need an e-commerce platform once you’ve found a supplier. Your products will be found and purchased by customers in this manner. Utilize WordPress and WooCommerce or Magento for maximum customization. There are numerous platforms, such as Shopify and BigCommerce, that you can use to create a website with a professional appearance if you are unfamiliar with website design. These programs are simple to use and come with a wide selection of templates from which to choose. It does not matter where you design your website, but how you do it is the issue. To make your website attractive, make sure to use high-quality product photos so that the buyer knows what they are buying. Other important aspects also include:

  1. Write clear and concise product descriptions 
  2. Make it responsive (meaning it looks good on all devices) 
  3. Set up payment processing 
  4. Include a blog to show your brand’s personality 
  5. Make your website SEO-friendly 

Platforms like Shopify make getting started simple with step-by-step instructions and the same fundamental structure for publishing your website:  

  1. Make a user account. 
  2. Set up apps for the product. An app is required to dropship. Chatbots and customer reviews are two additional applications that can enhance your store’s functionality. 
  3. Select and personalize your theme. The majority of platforms provide both free and paid themes. 
  4. Add merchandise. Adding photos, writing an SEO-friendly description, and setting prices are all part of this step. 
  5. Organize your menu and create pages. An “about me/us” page, shipping policies, and contact page are important pages. 
  6. Change the name of your domain. Your website’s URL is your domain name. Take for instance 
  7. Establish shipping. Which shipping companies will you use to deliver orders to your customers? 
  8. Make a test schedule. Before going live with your website, check that each link works and run a few test orders to make sure everything runs smoothly. 
  9. Make your site public. 

Spread The Word

Market your store now that you have a website and products to sell. There are numerous marketing strategies for online clothing stores. Common techniques include: 

  1. Search engine optimization, or SEO: The process of improving your website’s search engine ranking is known as this. Using keywords related to the product you’re selling is a simple way to accomplish this. Ahrefs and Semrush are two well-known instruments for keyword research. 
  2. Paid promotion: Place advertisements for your store on platforms like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads. 
  3. Marketing via email: Send marketing emails to visitors to your website who have provided their email addresses. You will need an email marketing tool like Mailchimp to accomplish this. 
  4. Marketing via affiliates: People who promote your products in exchange for a commission on each sale are known as affiliates. 
  5. Marketing via content: Blogging, SEO, and social media are all included in this broad category. Converting visitors into paying customers and bringing in new ones is the end goal of content marketing. 
  6. Marketing with influencers: Promote your products by collaborating with social media influencers. Brands can find influencers with whom to collaborate through platforms like Intellifluence and Upfluence. 
  7. Rewards for loyal customers: Discounts and free products are great ways to reward loyal customers who frequent your store. Customers who promote your product on their social media platforms may also be eligible for discounts. 
  8. Obtain media coverage: Getting your company’s name out there in print media like magazines and newspapers can help. Help a Reporter Out (HARO), where you respond to press inquiries about industry topics, is an easy way to accomplish this. 
  9. Gift baskets: Include coupons and other incentives in the gift bags given out at in-person events to promote your clothing store. Additionally, event hosts can use HARO’s gift bag feature to request products from brands in exchange for swag bags. 


Starting your own online clothing store is a fairly simple task. You just need to follow a series of simple steps and you shall be an owner of a successful business very soon. Just keep in mind to stay true to your principles and never lose focus on why you started the business in the first place.

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