August 25, 2023

How to Steer Personal Connections as an Entrepreneur in a Tech-Driven World

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Entrepreneurship probably represents the crown achievement in every career. However, moving from working for others to running your own venture comes with a certain set of challenges, some of which are very personal and social in nature.

Higher level of responsibility always leaves less time for nurturing healthy social connections. That leaves entrepreneurs open for countless setbacks on both fronts.

The fact we are living in the tech-driven worlds where a substantial chunk of social engagement is held online can be a double-edged source since, if misused, these channels can produce an even greater sense of isolation and detachment.

Let us take a look then at some of the tips that should help entrepreneurs steer their personal connections and turn digital channels from an obstacle into an asset.

Nurturing authenticity

Rise in status may cause people you already know to observe you in different light. Acquaintances you will make in the future may fail to see past your business-oriented façade. Do your best then to counterbalance both these setbacks by using your online presence to nurture your authenticity. This may seem hard since daily obligations may push you in countless different directions. But, try to find your deepest self and get in touch with your intimates values and interests. Spotlighting these traits will paint your social connections with much warmer colors.

 Master the art of time management

People are always short on time, regardless of their background or professions. So, this issue is not exclusive to entrepreneurs. The remedy for these problems lies in effective time management that will allow you to sort through all of your business chores while still having enough room to nurture personal connections. Digital resources can offer countless assets that will make this job easier. No matter whether you are using scheduling, time-tables, Pomodoros, or some other techniques, you will always have more time for people you care for.

Be consistent and committed

If you want to keep your social connections alive, you should treat them just like a business asset meaning they should be treated with a certain level of commitment and frequency. This may sound a bit cold at first, but having a set schedule when you are going to post on social media and how frequently you are going to message friends and follow up on friends’ posts can bring  a sense of order in an otherwise chaotic place. Nurturing personal relationships in the time where they can get 100% of your attention can only make them more fulfilled.

Use digital channels to make a change

Being an entrepreneur always comes with a certain sense of clout. Using this social leverage to make a positive change in society can only make your personal life fulfilled. So, instead of keeping your focus on business networking, embrace some cause and try to help other people, even if this help comes as nothing more than advice or social media exposure. This philanthropic approach will help people see you in a completely different light and open doors to new acquaintances that share your worldview, passions, and interests. 

Nurture relationships in supportive environment

The present day online environment is very judgmental and quick to devolve into mob mentality. Entering this world with the tag of an entrepreneur can only make your private life more difficult. So, try to develop emotional attachments in niche groups that are more supportive. No matter whether you prefer something in the vein of a sugar dating platform or want to look for soul-mates based on some interest like a movie, these smaller and more focused social circles will prove to be much more supportive and open-minded than the general public.

Address changes in your life

Last but not least, we would like to remind you that, even though you should keep your personal traits at the forefront, the fact you have become an entrepreneur is not something you should shy away from. On the contrary, maintaining authenticity like we mentioned above means giving your professional life online exposure as well. Openly talking about your business and giving insights into what the life of one entrepreneur looks like can make you a more appealing person and score major points for your growing enterprise in the same stroke.

We hope these couple of suggestions will give you a better idea of how you can leverage your status as an entrepreneur not as an obstacle but rather an asset you can use to grow your social connections online. Finding a balance between personal and business connections, good channels to use in both these cases, and a perfect way to express your personality in any given circumstance can seem like a daunting task that makes you feel short changed at both ends. But, like all other issues, this one can be solved with careful planning and hard work. The tips we gave you should definitely nudge you in the right direction.


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