December 2, 2023


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How to stop being taken for granted

taken for granted quotes

taken for granted quotes

Taken for granted: When you are in a serious relationship, you are bound to feel treated for granted that at a certain time. Don’t go just yet; you have a number of simple things you could do to make your spouse respect you again, such as being lesser available or building your own individual personality. Here are some simple ways to keep your lover from taking you for casually.

Before we begin the list of simple and inventive techniques to persuade your lover to pay close attention again, but let us not overlook the most apparent one: speak to him. It isn’t always simple, but if you’re willing to sit down & truly articulate your worries, you might be able to fix the problem without resorting to games.

  • We sometimes spend much excessively in a relation & adjust to conditions and people a lot more than is necessary. We begin to prioritise our partner’s demands over our own, & everything we do eventually becomes a hard job. Numerous of us have felt taken advantage of by our spouse at some point in our relationships. It is certainly a red signal for a relationship, but the excellent news is that this issue can be resolved. Here’s some assistance in navigating your own way out of this scenario.
  • Before bringing this up to your spouse, consider what leads you to believe you are now being taken lightly. Why & when do you believe your partner fails to recognise your efforts? But what else can your mate do to show you how much they care? Would he or she want you to do everything and provide no assistance? Thinking on these issues can help you gain a better grasp of the issue and get a more open debate with your spouse.
  • It is indeed time to provide a frank and honest chat with your spouse once you’ve gained greater clarity of your own sentiments and what could be done to remedy the situation. Begin by describing how you believe you are now being taken as a given and how this is affecting your relationship. Perhaps your spouse will comprehend you & your requirements better if you describe it in simple terms. Try not to engage a blame game & explore how either of you may work to find a resolution.
  • Have you really considered your own actions before pointing the finger at the spouse’s? Do you express gratitude when your spouse goes above and beyond to assist you? When’s the previous time you actually a few moments to thank him for what? It’s often better to set a good example and demand just what you are able of doing.
  • Instead of replying ‘you are grateful’ when praised, most of us are embarrassed to acknowledge our own accomplishments. Is where we’re going astray. So, when your spouse recognises and compliments your work, why not express gratitude?Also, if your spouse forgets to appreciate you for anything special you did for him/her, be a bit humorous & say ‘we are grateful’ yourself. Your message was delivered!
  • Remember that true happiness originates from inside. Yes, you must be a committed and loving spouse, but this does not imply that you should neglect your personal needs. Cultivate a social network, take time for yourself every day, doing everything that makes you happy. The goal is to be a much more contented variation of yourself, which will make you a better & happier companion.
  • It may appear selfish, however it is acceptable to say “no” to the spouse on occasion. You’re not required to say ‘yes’ to just about everything, no matter what committed you are as partner. You are not required to go above and above to assist or care for the individual you cherish. Indeed, stating ‘no’ for the appropriate reasons will cause your spouse to examine his own actions.
  • That’s how we are every now and then to blame for being assumed to be normal. Do you constantly assist your spouse before he/she asks? Whenever you answered yes, then are establishing the wrong expected standard and should quit. Your spouse will appreciate your effort more if he/she has to go the extra mile to ask for it.
  • Establishing your own interests, whether it’s school, volunteering, or choosing to spend time with loved ones shows that you’re active and independent, which will keep your spouse engaged. Participate in initiatives that will place you inside the spotlight, including such community theatre, singing classes, creative development, making speeches, or organizing a large event. It boosts your trust and having your own interests & hobbies is essential for a good partnership.
  • While you needn’t abandon your Spouse on a regular basis, you must make it apparent that you aren’t at their beckon call. When your spouse invites you out on moment’s notice, if you’re not doing well, or if you already have arrangements, tell him you’re occupied as a gentle reminder but your life will not really revolve around either her. Just because you are in a marriage doesn’t mean that can’t be seductive. If your spouse expects you’re always accessible, declining a date shows her that you don’t own your or you schedule.


In this blog, we have seen how we can stop benign taken for granted. The steps or the solution given in this blog will help you to overcome all the challenges that are becoming a barrier on the path. Try these methods and see the difference in your life.