airdrop on android

airdrop on android

Airdrop on android: iPhone users have been lucky to have Airdrop features. It was released a few years back and has always helped iPhone users to share data quickly and without any fuss. Using AirDrop, users can easily share data like images, files, videos, etc with the other iPhones that are in close vicinity.

To date, there was no feature similar to it and we were not able to use AirDrop on Android. Hence all the data which was shared via Android users was compressed and then shared, However since AirDrop eliminated all such quality compromisations, a feature similar to AirDrop was long-awaited.

Finally, with the feature called Nearby Share, Android users can take a sigh of relief and share data instantly and quickly. Google recently released the Nearby Share feature for Google Pixel 4 and Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus phones.


Want To Know If Your Phone Has The Nearby Share Feature?

Google is gradually rolling out the feature popularly known as AirDrop on Android. To see if your Android smartphone supports the Nearby Share feature. While Nearby Share has been rolled out for Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus and Google Pixel 4, the major prerequisite for any Android smartphone is that it should have Operating System version 6.0 and above for the feature.

If you have Android version 6.0 or above, here is how you can check if AirDrop for Android or Nearby Share is present on your phone or not. For this on your Android smartphone follow the steps below:

1. On your Android smartphone navigate to the Settings.

2. From the Settings page, scroll down and look for the Google option, click on it.

3. From the Google window click on Device connections.

4. Under the Device connection windows look at the Nearby Share option. If you can see it, you are lucky to have the feature rolled out on your phone.

5. If you cannot view the setting here, it means the feature is not present on your phone and will be gradually rolled out in the future.

How To Set Up Nearby Share:

For the very first time you are navigating to the feature, you will be asked to turn on the Nearby Share feature. To do so click on the Turn On option. As soon as you turn on the feature you will be asked to select one of the privacy options according to your preference. The three privacy options are:

1. All Contacts: This feature makes your phone visible to all Android devices that have the Nearby Share feature turned on. They can easily share content with you whenever your phone is on or unlocked.

2. Some Contacts: This feature makes your phone visible to some specific Android devices that have the Nearby Share feature turned on. They can easily share content with you whenever your phone is on or unlocked. You get to choose the contacts you want to share data with.

3. Hidden: This feature does not show your phone as an available device to any other device that that Nearby Share feature enabled. In any Android device with the feature that comes in close vicinity, you will get a notification asking you to make your device visible.

Once you have set up Nearby Share on your device, let us see how you can use AirDrop on Android and share data using it.


How To Send And Receive Data Using Nearby Share on Android Devices:

Nearby Share seems to be an amazing alternative for AirDrop on Android. Now that we have set up the feature and also customized its attributes according to our requirements, let’s see how to share data using the Nearby Share feature.

One can easily share data like pictures, videos, files, documents, etc with people nearby like a room. Whenever you are sending a file simply have the other person have their phone unlocked and an active screen. If you are the recipient, you should keep your phone unlocked and have an active screen.

Once the prerequisites are completed follow the steps below to share data using Nearby Share.

1. Locate the data or link or images you want to share.

2. From the Apps option from the Settings, locate and click on Nearby Share.

As soon as you do it, you will see a popup window at the screen bottom. This will ask you for the contact information of the person you want to share data with. As soon as Nearby Share successfully locates the intended device click on it.

3. The recipient needs to Accept the incoming file and then the transfer happens in seconds.

AirDrop has always been the most trusted way of sharing data among Apple users, With a feature like an AirDrop on Android, we hope that Nearby Share gets rolled soon for all Android devices. This will not only make sharing data easily but also seamlessly and smoothly.

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