How to use Netflix Bin to create free premium accounts

Netflix BIN

Netflix BIN

How to use BINs anywhere.

Netflix BIN: bank identification number, which specifies the bank and, in most cases, the first 6 digits of your credit / debit card.

How to make credit cards from BIN? Well, there are scripts to create cards that perform different algorithms just like banks do to get the correct number that a credit / debit card should have.

Just paste BIN (in the BIN box) and click Generate cards on site

I tell you that there is no need to check the cards live, if it says that BIN works anywhere, then generate cards !! No need to check lives

After generating some cards, you just need to use them on the site.

If you provided any information, such as:


BIN- 46969696xxxxxxxx

So, copy the provided BIN and create at least 1 card and copy it.
Now connect to a premium VPN offering IP from US counties. You can also use sock5 (if you know them, it won’t remove them)

Now after generating a card and connecting to Shithole IP, you are good to go.
Just open the given site, create an account (use temp mail) and redirect to the payment pages and provide any false information (if you have not provided it yet and it is requested) Enter the card details and you are good to go.

Can we use the BIN / card for the physical Amazon card or to withdraw things?

Well I’ll be a real boss here, you can’t, with the knowledge you have, for now, so don’t come asking me this shit, it’s really ahead.

The last thing to remember is that Patch BIN websites when they see a large number of the same series of books used for testing, so they soon die.
Generally, Netflix fixes in a few hours / hour because they’ve already fixed the BIN thing, and their automatic shit script does it pretty soon, so don’t complain about Netflix not working. Give me a Netflix account: 3

You have now learned how to use containers. Now I will explain how to create Bins

How to create containers.

Before we start, we need to know one thing: there are two types of CC check verification in the Premium Accounts trial period.
The first is the validity verification test.
-> This type of test only verifies the validation of CC EXP CVV and starts the test
-> Very very easy to avoid reviewing them
-> Ex. Tidal

The second is the authorization process.
-> This type of test makes an authorization hold on the card for 1 USD.
-> It also has a verification system to check the name of the cardholder if the card is VBV.
-> Ex. Netflix
To find a basket, you need the following things necessary before starting work
=> Worker
=> Patience
=> DC generator
=> CC tester
=> Good internet connection
=> VPN (Premium)

Now if you want to find a cart for the second type of Premium accounts, you need to do the following: –
Step 1: Access the country / BANK websites, such as BIN
For example:
Step 2: Choose the country you want (mainly low security countries like OMAN, UAE, etc.)
Step 3: choose small banks (they are less safe)
Step 4: Choose a debit card BIN (not credit)
Step 5: generate CC with it
Step 6: check with him
Step 7: get a life
Step 8: test it
Step 9: start over from step 2 until you start working on one

For type 1 tests:
Choose USA, MasterCards CAPITAL ONE.
1) Choose a debit card BIN (not credit)
2) Generate CC with it
3) Consult with him
4) Get a life
5) Try it
Do it over and over until you work one
Don’t forget to change your IP address to CC countries address

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