December 3, 2023


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How To Warm Up Before A Workout Properly

how to warm up before exercise

how to warm up before exercise

How to warm up before exercise: A warm-up before the workout is an essential activity because it provokes the cardiovascular system by increasing the flow of blood to the muscles and also raises the temperature of the body.

Warm-up before the exercise reduces the risks of muscle soreness and spinal injury as well as it prepares the muscles for strenuous exercises. Warming up the body boosts your muscle’s flexibility and prepares you mentally for the workout.

Warmup before the workout includes the march on the spot in which you lift up your knees and arms, knee bends, heel digs, and also the shoulder rolls. These exercises help to circulate the blood in the blood capillaries and also limit the muscle pull during a workout.

Top 4 Warm-Up Techniques That Help You To Limit Injuries


March on the spot refers to lifting up of knees and also raising the arms, however, if you are lifting your right knee up then raise your left arm and vice versa. This will help you to increase the mobility of the joints and enhance muscle contraction.

Marching is a great method of exercise for the people who are overweight and obese as this can help them to build their confidence for cardio and also it prevents them from any spinal injury.

Marching on the spot also helps people to burn calories and after this warm-up exercise, they become able to engage themselves in hard workouts.


Knee lifts strengthen the lower limb of the body because the upward and downward movements of the knees help to increase circulation and lubricate the joints.

In knee lifts, touch the knee with your opposite arm. This activity will help you to increase the momentum as well as engage the core of your body, furthermore, it will help you to build up the muscles of the leg.


To perform the knee bends, stand straight and stretch your hands out, bend on your knees to only 10 cm and repeat the exercise for a few minutes.

Knee bending is an important exercise especially for athletes that keep their knees and feet in the right position. This will help to keep the body stable and boost the level of circulation in the body. how to warm up before exercise

Before a workout, performing the knee bend exercise enhances the mobility of joints and also boosts the functioning of tendons and ligaments for the strenuous workout.


Shoulder roles are performed by moving your shoulder forward and backward, hanging your arms loosely by your side, and marching on the spot. This activity should be repeated 5 to 10 times.

Shoulder rolls before the workout help to prevent neck & shoulder strains and improves the mobility of the joints that can cause severe injuries during the workout. This exercise revs up the strength of your shoulder that aids to stabilize the neck and upper back. how to warm up before exercise


Warm-up before the workout is actually for the activation of muscles and to increase the circulation of the blood in the body, moreover, it prevents the straining of muscles and tendons.

The workout includes shoulder rolls, knee lifts, knee bends, and also the most important marching on the spot. These exercises also burn calories because the activation of the muscles utilizes the energy in the form of body fats.
These are the 4 techniques to warm up your body properly and I hope this article will help you to acknowledge these techniques in an easy way. how to warm up before exercise

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