How To Wash Your Lounge Covers With Ease

lounge covers

lounge covers

Lounge covers: It is true that you have invested a lot of money on upholstery covers, especially the ones for your big sectional lounges. Selecting the best fabric for the covers was a tough call, but you somehow managed to do that by asking experts. But that’s not all, as you have to maintain that lounge cover too to make it last for a long time.

In case this is your first time ever dealing with lounge covers maintenance, and you don’t have the knowledge to do it right, then log online and get some impressive help first. You have to focus on the best covers available within your pre-set budget plans. Then make sure to get hold of the points mentioned below to ensure that the covers get to last long.

Go for the machine wash:

One major reason to have covers for your lounge is that it remains easy to clean any stain or spot. Instead of worrying about how you are going to clean your lounge, you can just remove the cover from the top and toss it in the washing machine. You can even toss in the cushion covers with it as well. If ease of cleaning is the main condition to look for while purchasing sofa covers, then look for the ones which are easily machined washable. The washing instructions are mentioned by the manufacturers only. Otherwise, you might have to give up the lunge cover for dry cleaning, which is a bit expensive.

Learn about the fabrics first:

Now the real question is can you wash all the covers for your lounge. It solely depends on the fabric you have chosen for your covers. Some fabrics are perfect to be washed in a washing machine. You need to ask the store from where you purchased the covers if those are machine washable or not. In case your selected material cannot go into the washing machine, try to avoid that. Otherwise, it might ruin the look of the cover completely.

Remember that not all fabrics are created equally. Upholstery fabric can be woven by different fivers and stabilized with various kinds of backing. The same goes for their covers. So, be sure to focus on the fabric first before you can decide if the cover is machine washable or not.

Wash by hand:

While you might not have to take these covers out to professional learners, they do need a bit more care from your side. If you see some spots or someone just spilled a beverage accidentally, then you can take the cover out and wash them in a tub or sink using a soft detergent. Make sure to use mild detergent if you don’t want to ruin the condition of the fabric. It is advisable to take the cover out and wash it immediately if you don’t want the stain to be a permanent mark on the lounge cover.

So, be sure to focus on the caring manual first before you place the fabric inside the washing machine or wash it by hand!

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