December 4, 2023


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What is Instafinsta ?



Instafinsta: In our previous article, we helped you get free Instagram followers and likes fast. However, some people don’t want to get Instagram followers, instead they upload heartbreaking videos and photos to their devices.

We know that there are many ways to download photos, videos, videos and stories on the Internet. But today in this article we are going to share not only simple but also safe method. Do you know why?? Because using this method, you can download any media file from Instagram within minutes without entering any personal information. That’s why such a fantastic tool is called Instafinsta.

What is Instafinsta?

Instafinsta is a third-party website that allows you to download all your Instagram media in no time. Instafins offers more choices than other websites as it allows users to upload videos, photos and personal videos. Users can view and download anything from Instagram, even their personal dp account.

Features of InstaFinsta?

Instafinsta has several features that make it superior to other video and photo uploading websites.

100 is convenient and safe to use because you don’t need to download third-party apps on your device and reveal your privacy to others.
It’s fast and easy to use. It gives you 100% satisfactory results in few minutes, just follow the right steps.
Works on all devices from mobile phones, tablets, iPhones and computers.
No need to compromise on video quality. This means you can download ig videos and photos in original quality.
Uploading videos and photos with Instafinsta is truly unlimited. Users can also use ig to upload personal dp and videos or stories.

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Here are the steps to upload private videos and photos using Instafinsta:

Step 1. Click the button below to access the Instafinsta website.
Step 2: Paste the URL of the Instagram video you want to download in the space provided and click “Open”.
Step 3. Now the foreign text page opens. Select all text (ctrl+A), copy all text (ctrl+C) and paste it into the frame below. Click the search button.
Step 4. A message will appear on the screen about your personal Instagram account. Click the download button. Now you can view the image in the phone gallery.

How to upload private videos and photos using Instafinsta?

The steps for loading the rolls are also similar. All you need to do to download ig videos is select the private videos option that appears above. Follow the same steps as above and you will be able to watch ig videos on your device.

Download Ig videos and photos?

To download Ig videos and photos from a non-personal account, you need to go to another page of the site. Click the button below to go to a website that allows you to download IG photos and videos from your personal accounts. At the top of the screen, select the desired option for Videos, Photos, Videos, DP or Stories.

Is Instafinsta safe to use?

Yes, that’s for sure. You don’t need to download third-party apps to your device or enter personal details like your Instagram password or username.

An added benefit with Instafinsta?

An additional advantage of this site is that it is not limited to Instagram. Users can download videos and photos from other social networking sites.

Returning to Instafinsta?

To download private photos/videos or clips, you need to copy the link from the followers of this private user. However, users can download private DPs without asking others for URLs.