How Can You Create A Killer Instagram Bio In 2020

instagram bio

instagram bio

Your Instagram profile must have a good bio as it is your business portfolio, your business card, and the home page for your company website all in one. Honestly, you have a few seconds to create a positive first impression on your visitors. This is why you must focus on creating a good bio for your Instagram profile to make sure it is power-packed to transform your visitors into loyal followers.

Get ready to increase followers for Instagram with a great bio

Your bio will explain to visitors what your business does. Note, the bio for Instagram needs to be written in just a few sentences. Though you only can use 150 characters to write a good Instagram bio, this does not mean that you cannot use this short space to create a powerful impact on your visitors.

With some prudence, you can play around with the right words to create an bio that will indicate what your business does and how you can use it to get more followers. It would help if you fine-tuned the bio precisely with keywords that show others what you do as a business. The targeted audience can quickly understand what you do, and if they like your bio, they will instantly hit the follow button against your name.

How can you write the perfect bio for your business?

When you are creating the Instagram bio for your profile, you can focus on how your business inspires your followers. You should focus on them rather than yourself. When you write an Instagram bio that speaks directly to your targeted audience, you are able to attract more loyal and quality followers to your business brand. They agree to follow you because they are aligned with your brand and are highly likely to become loyal customers in the long run.

You can use your Instagram bio to make it the ideal place for your brand or business to stand out for a specific skill, hobby, profession, or an interest. A bio is where you can add some extra personality to your business brand and create the perfect pitch for your customers. At the same time, you can make your bio direct and precise in such a way that when any first-time visitor reads it, they know exactly what you do.

If you are new to Instagram and recently have registered on it, post some content that is relevant to your brand, and ensure the link to your business website or landing page is in the bio. Instagram does not allow you to add a URL in the captions of the posts. When you have posted content, ensure you have some views and likes to invoke trust in your potential customers. In case you start with zero likes or have a small number of likes, it is prudent for you to contact genuine companies to buy auto ig likes for your Instagram profile.

Place your targeted keywords for your business brand in the name field of your Instagram bio

Note, the name field in the Instagram bio is not the same as the user name. Most people are businesses that assume both of them are the same; however, they are completely different from each other and can be used to your advantage with a little awareness.

You have the liberty to customize your name field without affecting the functionality of the user name or Instagram handle. You will miss out on several opportunities online if you decide to add your username in the name field. Your user name can be searched on Instagram. For attracting web traffic, add keywords to the name field if you want to get discovered and increase the number of followers.

To place the right keywords in the user name, you must know what users on Instagram generally search for. Once you have made a list of the right keywords for your business niche, the next step is to add them to your name field. For example, suppose you deal with beauty products. In that case, you can add beauty and skincare in your name field to attract more targeted customers and increase the number of followers you already have on your Instagram profile.

Tag any business account related to Instagram and share the hashtag of your brand in the bio

There was an update on Instagram recently where any hashtags or usernames you add into the bio become links that can be clicked on. This means when you add “@” or a “#” in the Instagram bio, users can click on the link and be directed to the page you want them to visit. This helps you convert visitors into customers better. If you have an extra profile on Instagram, you can even direct them there. So, this means you can optimize your personal Instagram profile for your business brand profile.

If you are in the habit of posting user-generated content on Instagram, you can use your Instagram bio for promoting your brand hashtag that has a collection of all these feeds for visitors to see.

Add a Call-to-Action in Your Instagram Bio

Ensure that the second part of the link that you post in your Instagram bio has your call-to-action in it. Instagram allows only a single link on your profile, so you should use the last line of the link to inform users what they will get when they click on your link.

For instance, if you have a promo offer, you can add it to the last segment of your Instagram bio link to make your profile visitors know what you have in store for them. Therefore, in this way, you should optimize your Instagram bio for your potential customers. You can also use emojis and text to catch the visitor’s attention and direct them to your link in the Instagram bio. In this way, you effectively are able to generate more web traffic and sales for your business brand on Instagram with success

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