Instagram keeps stopping, how to fix it?

instagram keeps stopping

instagram keeps stopping

Instagram keeps stopping
As you know, Instagram is a very popular application today and you can find it on almost all smartphones. Sometimes it can happen that Instagram crashes. It is a very frustrating situation if it doesn’t work properly. When this problem occurs, you will see the error “Instagram keeps stopping” on the screen. In this article, we will show you solutions to help you fix the problem.

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Solutions to fix the “Instagram keeps stopping” error
It is a very common mistake and everyone can find it while working on Instagram. Follow these steps respectively to get rid of this problem.

Solution 1: reboot the device

Sometimes you just need to restart your device and the “Instagram keeps stopping” error will be fixed. It is the first solution for all types of smartphones. To restart, press and hold the power button, and then press Restart.

After restarting the device, open the Instagram app again and see if the problem is resolved or not. If it doesn’t work properly, try the following solutions.

Solution 2: clear Instagram memory and cache

If the above step didn’t fix the problem, you can also try clearing the Instagram cache and data to fix the “Instagram keeps shutting down”. This is because when you update the Instagram app, but you have the cached data from the older version, which may create a problem with the later version working. To clear your cache and your data, follow the steps below.

your mobile settings> Application manager
Find Instagram among your apps and click on it.
Select Clear Cache, Clear Data, and then Force Disable

Instagram keeps stopping

Note: Deleting data will delete your account information, log out, delete all data, and you will need to log in again to back up your Instagram account.

Solution 3: update the Instagram app

Like other popular apps, Instagram releases regular updates to optimize the app for maximum efficiency. Therefore, it is highly recommended to keep your applications up to date. If you haven’t set your device to automatically install app updates, then you must do it manually.

Open Play Store and tap on the icon which is like 3 vertical lines (hamburger) to open the menu. Now tap on my apps and games. You can see your apps there and if a new version of Instagram is available, tap Update.

Solution 4: uninstall the Instagram app and reinstall it

If you clear your cache and data, and updating your app didn’t work for you, to fix the “Instagram keeps shutting down” problem, you need to remove the app from your device and reinstall it. To uninstall the app, open Settings, tap Apps, and search for Instagram. Select Uninstall or search for it in Play Store and uninstall it. Then restart the device and after the device appears, install Instagram again.

Solution 5: install an older version of Instagram

If none of the above solutions solves the “Instagram keeps stopping” problem, then you should use an old version of Instagram. So, remove the latest version of the Instagram app from your device and install an older version. It can help fix the problem until Instagram releases a more recent update.

Solution 6: use the AiSched web application

If the error persists after checking the steps above, it is more likely that you are low-level device storage. This problem occurs especially with low storage devices (8GB or 16GB). But what is the solution? If you have a device with low storage, you know that deleting some of your files is not a permanent solution and you will experience this error after a while.

We suggest using a web application to manage your Instagram accounts. The advantage of these platforms is that they no longer have extra space on the phone. All you need is a browser that works with them so that they are accessible through any device, regardless of the operating system.

Aischedul Instagram Management Tool AiSchedul is one such management platform that is specially designed for Instagram. It also provides useful services to simplify processes for its users and help them save as much money.

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