YouTube comments not loading – how to fix it?

youtube comments not loading

youtube comments not loading

YouTube comments not loading: YouTube is one of the most popular content hosting platforms alongside Netflix, with millions of videos and images already on the platform, with several being added on a regular basis. The site receives regular content updates from both regular users and established media companies.

Some users have recently reported that they see YouTube comments not loading on their site and cannot see anything other than comments posted for a channel. This is a very annoying bug as a lot of information can be found in the comment section, where users can expand and provide additional information.

Here, I will discuss how to fix if you see YouTube comments not loading for a channel.


Fix bugs not loading YouTube comments.
There are no special reasons why you may see YouTube comment section not loading on your device. However, it was noted that it is actually a bug on the part of the YouTube developer team, where they accidentally broke this feature while trying to implement a new feature.

Solution 1: wait for the official solution

While the YouTube developer team is always working on new ways to improve the user experience, there are reports that YouTube comments not loading errors are actually part of the new features they are testing. If this is the main reason YouTube is not uploading comments, there is nothing you can do to correct them right away.

Instead, wait a day or two, after which the changes should revert to their original settings.

However, if you notice that YouTube comments are not showing even after waiting for a few days, there may be another error causing this error.

Solution 2: disable proxy connections

Like many other applications, YouTube has errors when accessed through a proxy network. Therefore, if you have a premium VPN service enabled on your device, the proxy network used by the VPN may have caused the YouTube error.

So you can disable all VPN proxies and apps for now and then reopen the website. You should see the YouTube comments loading successfully this time.

Solution 3: disable extensions that don’t behave properly

If the error of uploading YouTube comments started after installing an extension, some broken extensions may cause the error on your device.

To confirm that misbehaving apps are to blame for your errors, open the web page where you had the error using incognito browsing mode. To open an incognito browsing window, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + N on a Chrome tab.

Now try uploading your YouTube page in incognito mode. If your browser works normally in incognito mode, there is likely a faulty extension on your device that prevents the YouTube error from loading comments.


Extensions are disabled by default in this way and thus you can infer that comments are not loading due to corrupted browser extensions, which is not the case in incognito mode.

Get started by activating the extensions one by one and see if you can see the comments.

Solution 4: delete your browsing data

Many apps and websites store data locally on your device, so it can load faster the next time you start these sites. However, inappropriate or missing cache data can cause all kinds of errors, and this error is one of them. To resolve the error of uploading comments from YouTube, delete all Google Chrome data such as cookies, images and cached files.

To clear Google Chrome data, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Del in a new tab to open the Clear Browsing Data dialog. In the Time Range drop-down menu, select the amount of data you want to delete. Then click the Delete data button.

Note: This shortcut also works for many other Web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge and others.


Sometimes additional information can be found in the comment section of a video, where users can discuss their opinions and share their experiences. Now you know how to fix the issue if you see YouTube comments not loading on your device

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