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Job vacancies in Saudi Arabia

Job vacancies in Saudi Arabia

Job vacancies in Saudi Arabia

Job vacancies in Saudi Arabia: Today we are going to talk about the most suitable job vacancies in Saudi Arabia for foreigners and how to get them.

First, you will need to obtain a work visa, as without it you will not be able to enter the kingdom. The applicant must:

–          Undergo a medical examination.

–          Provide documents on education and qualifications.

–          Submit an employment contract.

It is possible to find a job legally, moving to this country is possible only if there is a contract with these working conditions: salary, schedule, the possibility of providing housing, social package, etc.

The package of documents required to obtain a work visa:

–          Foreign and domestic passport.

–          Application form.

–          2 photos.

–          Receipt of payment of the fee amounting to 14 euros.

–          The contract entered into with the employer.

–          An invitation from the employing company.

–          A document confirming the absence of a criminal record.

–          Diploma.

–          Medical examination certificate.

Let’s have a look at one of the vacancies as an example:

Fitness trainer for work in a gym in Saudi Arabia. It is a very common vacancy for foreigners in Saudi Arabia, as european young girls and boys are the most educated in sport and fashion, in their country it can be named as cult, actually, so that arabian employers look for such specialists among foreign workers.

–          Salary USD 1,500 (based on interview results)

–          Accommodation for 1 person. / an apartment with 1 room

–          Place of work (Saudi Arabia)

–          Transport provided by the company or employer

–          6 working days a week

–          Annual paid vacation

–          Job specification

–          Age: 20-35 years old

–          Knowledge of English at least at basic level (you must to know how to communicate with clients) 

–          Work experience from 2 years.

Since we started talking about the profession of a trainer, there are a number of needs in Saudi Arabia, thanks to which you will be taken to an Arab fitness club.

Perhaps the most important and exciting question is with what knowledge base you can start working as a personal trainer. Someone thinks that a higher physical education is quite enough, and starts training without having sufficient competencies, putting clients at risk. Others make a list of institutions and courses that must be taken to feel confident in their knowledge, and spend time and money taking them. 

The first thing you need to start your career is to regularly visit a fitness club. A real coach should be an example to follow, as well as actually let through all the “charms” of achieving various results, so that in the future it will be easier to teach this to others. Ideally, an experienced coach should guide you along the path to your accomplishments.

After gaining experience in personal training, you will be puzzled by the question “what else does it take to become a fitness instructor?” The answer is simple – sports education! Courses of personal trainers and fitness trainers are also suitable.

Where is the golden mean?

The trainer must have the following knowledge, skills and abilities:

–          Higher physical education or medical education. Comprehensive knowledge forms certain thinking, gives an understanding of what happens to a person during physical activity.

–          Further training, regular courses in the chosen and related areas.

–          Sporty appearance.

–          Communication and sales skills.

An additional advantage is given by sports achievements, the ability to work in a team and knowledge of English and knowledge of Arabic at least at a conversational level.

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