Killer Strategies to Monitor Your Competitors

google competitors

google competitors

google competitors: Irrespective of the market or industry you are operating in, you will always have competitors that will do their best to outsmart you in every way possible. You should pray that you get some form of competition as it validates there is a need for your services and products. It also provides you with a benchmark to achieve high standards and strive for your business’s improvement and success.

Dealing with competitors can be an issue when they steak your customers away while also making it quite hard to obtain new ones. However, knowing who your competitors are and how to stay three steps ahead of them is vital to every business’s success.

In the marketing world, there is an age-old saying that goes something like’ keep consumers close, but always keep your competition closer.’ It is why, today, in this article, we will go over a few killer strategies that will allow you to monitor your competition and stand out amongst the crowd. You can find a few of these strategies listed down below.

Follow Your Competitor’s Blogs and Social Media Accounts

One of the most fantastic and easiest ways to monitor your competition is to observe your top competitor’s blogs, follow them on social media, subscribe to their newsletters, and register to their emailing list.

It will provide you much-needed insight into every single one of their promotions and updates, so you can know what exactly they are up to. For example, a free-of-cost tool called Social Searcher lets you enter any business’s name and presents you with all their relevant posts from various social media platforms.

Different analytical tools allow you to watch other social media pages displaying metrics such as page likes, top-of-the-week posts, and engagement levels. Using competitor analysis tools to keep a check on your competitor’s social activity allows you to discover their weak points and improve in areas where they are failing.

Discover and Reviews Your Competitor’s Most Shared Content

A keyword research tool allows users to research their competitor’s most-searched-for keywords according to topics, products, and brand. Such a strategy will help you discover the keywords you should target through your website’s content. With a competitor keyword analysis, you will know the type of keywords your competition is doing well and on and the ones they aren’t utilizing effectively.

These tools provide you with a detailed analysis of your competitor’s website’s SEO and tell you about their domain score, keyword rankings, top pages, and traffic. It also provides you insight into your competitor’s marketing strategies so you can improve your own.

Content analysis and monitoring tools enable users to review their competitor’s social shared content according to brand, topic, and product. By entering a keyword, phrase, or subject into this tool, you’ll have a list of social content shared by your competitors according to popularity, of course.

It will allow you to know whether they are popular enough and identify new competitors in your target industry. Additionally, such a tool is perfect for highlighting previously shared best content pieces published by your competitors.

Analyze Your Competitor’s Ads

There are several tools out and about that let you conduct a competitor’s ad analyses. They let you see your competitor’s paid traffics and the type of keywords that are getting the most engagement on SERPs. Knowing about the keywords they bid for will help you decide the type and quantity of keywords you should add to your content marketing campaign.

Furthermore, suppose you want to analyze your competitor’s Facebook ads. In that case, Facebook allows you to track the ads they run on it through its Ad library.

Set up Google Alerts

Another free tool for monitoring your competition is Google Alerts. It lets you follow your competitors by setting up notifications regarding keywords, allowing you to know which ones rank the best for them.

Of course, you can also opt for notifications for branded content. Also, get alerts anytime someone mentions your brand or your competition in newspaper articles, web pages, scientific research, or blog posts.

Doing so will alert you when your competitor is coming up with a new product or service. You can then use this information to launch your own to provide them with much need competition. google competitors

Track Your Competitions, New Links

Utilize tools to track your competitor’s new links. Its link monitoring alert feature will email you a notification or alert each time your competitor acquires a new link. Another excellent tool for content and link tracking is Majestic.

You only have to plug in your competitor’s website URL into it, and you will have a detailed view of links and content that performed best for them. It will also generate a list of domains that link back to their best-performing content, allowing you to develop an outreach list for similar content. google competitors

Monitor Any Changes Performed to Your Competitor’s Website

Lastly, it is wise to look for changes performed to your competitor’s website. By doing so, you can get to know if there were any changes to their website’s design, speed, and other visual aspects. For instance, you can get an idea about the services or products they are launching while tracking their website’s overall outlook. Some website design elements that you should monitor include Colors, Fonts, CTA placement, layout, to name a few. google competitors


Monitoring your competition through a microscope lens is vital if you even want to be different and stand out amongst other companies in your target industry. By conducting a competitor content, website, ad, and link analysis, you can figure out their weaknesses and strengths and work on strategies they are not effectively utilizing. Consider the monitoring strategies mentioned above if you want to get a head start.

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