December 2, 2023


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Know About Sky News Australia Youtube !

Sky News Australia Youtube

Sky News Australia Youtube

Sky News Australia Youtube: MELBOURNE Aug 1 (Reuters) – YouTube video sharing site has been temporarily shut down after it censored the platform for compliance with COVID-19 policies, Sky News Australia reported on Sunday.


The 24/7 cable and television channel with 1.85 million YouTube subscribers is backed by Australian news channel Pty Ltd and a subsidiary of News Corp Australia.

Google Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL.O) has confirmed YouTube blocking.

“We apply our policies equally to everyone. And in accordance with this policy and our long-term protest system. We have removed the video from Sky News Australia and protests are ongoing,” a YouTube spokesperson said.
Australian media reported on Thursday that The one-week suspension was lifted after Sky News Australia published material condemning the presence of COVID-19. or encouraging people to use hydroxychloroquine or warmectin.

Online audience more than a large trading network.

Despite FoxTel’s small television audience, Sky News is one of Australia’s largest YouTube channels with 1.86 million subscribers.

By comparison, ABC News has 1.42 million, 9 News Australia has 767,000, and 7 News Australia has 542,000.

Sky News Australia videos on YouTube often get hundreds of thousands or millions of views.

If the YouTube Community Standards system receives three warnings within 90 days, the channel will be permanently deleted.

Warn for “first violations” the standards set. But a warning will be issued if “Your content doesn’t follow our rules a second time”

YouTube’s internal policy doesn’t allow videos that contain inaccurate medical information about COVID. or violate the rules of treatment protective equipment, transmission of infection or social distancing

The YouTube bite comes after Sky host Alan Jones was fired from Daily Telegraph News Corp. and criticized by former 2GB radio colleague Ray Hadley for controversial comments about the blockage and the epidemic.

Sky News Australia also posted an edit on its website last month following the segment Jones interviewed Mr Kelly about the UK’s COVID epidemic and mortality rates.
Jones edits live on his July 19 show.

Additionally, on Sunday, Sky News has expanded its regional offering of free new broadcasts to the country via Aussie Win and Southern Cross.