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We believe that is legitimate because it found a number of signs that could indicate fraud. The review received a reliable rating of 75. This rating is provided by an algorithm based on public information sources such as VHOIS, server IP address, company location, and whether there have been reports of spam and phishing websites. Although is rated as moderate or low risk, we cannot guarantee that it is not a fraudulent website. You should always manually check websites to determine if they are legal and secure.

Good light(Pros)

The domain name has already been registered more than a year in advance

Valid SSL certificate (source: Xolphin SSL Check)

This site received the best feedback

This site may offer adult content (how to check if it is legitimate or fake).

Bad light (Cons)

The owner of the site uses the service to hide his identity in WHOIS

This site is (really) young.

This site is young, but there is a lot of traffic
This site is located in a more dangerous country.

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