September 27, 2023

Know more about Milena ciciotti youtube drama !

Milena ciciotti youtube drama

Milena ciciotti youtube drama

Milena ciciotti youtube drama: A devout Christian YouTube star has taken to his channel to explain why drinking is a “sin”.

Milena Cicciotti, a 21-year-old beauty and lifestyle blogger from Michigan, often makes videos about her Christian life and previously revealed why she and her husband look forward to having sex before marriage.

However, she recently took to her channel to discuss drinking, bar hopping and drunkenness after her fans asked her what she thought about it.

“I’m scared because some people are really into it,” she comments in the video. “Some people will agree with what I say and it’s a very sensitive thing. I’m scared, I’m praying.”

Milena ciciotti explained

Milena explained that she made the videos because many people wanted to know more about her views on drinking, explaining that she asked her followers in a Twitter poll if they liked talking about her in high school or going to bars. about

“I wish we could all be open and honest with each other, but you don’t have to criticize and hate me for that,” she added.

Before sharing her opinion, Milena quoted a verse from the Bible and also shared the entire verse on screen.

However, she explained that she “didn’t pull” quotes from the Bible to make her point, instead quoting Romans 14:1-23, saying that Milena “wanted to create the atmosphere of the video”.

“I think this verse helps to summarize and explain what I am talking about today. I am not a party girl and never have been. I am one of those people who likes to stay at home and people stay at my house.

“I went to the bar three times, [that much] though. I recently turned 21, so every weekend I go out and drink. That’s not what I do,” she told the camera.

Her channel:

What did Milena Cicciotti do?

After Milena Ciciotti uploaded her latest video, Reddit user Lepihi6 posted a screenshot of a YouTube comment showing her disagreeing with his advice. In her video, people noticed that she didn’t mention the body care she already chose in her body makeover videos. Milena ciciotti youtube drama

Milena Cicciotti advises her followers to love their natural body and not resort to neosculpture. But she did it on her own body, which was against her advice. If you’re wondering what non-sculptural therapy is, we’ve simplified the scientific meaning of the term. In the procedure described above, fat deposits are removed and the person simultaneously gains muscle mass.

Neosculpting treatment is performed with a mixture of electromagnetic energy and radio frequency energy. The heat energy generated during the process burns fat deposits. It is FDA certified as a highly transformative treatment and non-surgical procedure. After the accusation, Milena Ciciotti published her response to the backlash.

She also said

She said: “There are times when I try to separate Milena in real life from Milena on YouTube and I want to be free to live as Milena and do my own thing in my own world and not have that kind of responsibility . . . a big stage and such a big audience.”

She said: “I talk about things when I feel the Lord is prompting me to talk about it. I learned a long time ago that if I do anything by forcing or threatening to talk about something, it won’t do anything.

Milena also stated in the video that she serves and fears a god and respects him before allowing others to defeat her faith. Milena ciciotti youtube drama

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