September 25, 2023

Know more about Spamton cosplay !

Spamton cosplay

Spamton cosplay

Spamton cosplay: Spamton G. Spamton is a Darkner in Deltaran, first encountered in Cyber City as a mini-boss. Spamton can also be a bonus boss, just like Jevill, depending on the player’s decision. Spamton’s appearance is based on a traditional voice-over robot. With sleek black hair, white skin, a troubled smile and red cheeks to recreate this look. As a basis, you can use a white bodysuit with a hood. Use fabric glue to attach the red felt circles. Then draw a smile with a fabric marker. then put on the wig. Black shirt and trousers and two-tone sunglasses. You are ready to terrorize the cyber world.

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write down:

  • This product is digital and has 2 PDF files: 2-page format and 10-page manual. This is a cosplay tutorial. not a physical mask
  • The mask is decoration and is for cosplay only. It is not intended for prophylaxis or medical prophylaxis.
  • This mask is handcrafted from ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) foam, it is not designed for 3D printing.


These templates and instructions are for personal use only. You can create for yourself and your friends, but please do not sell or redistribute/resell the designs and manuals. or used to make masks to sell for profit