September 26, 2023

La Reina Del Sur Season 3 !

la reina del sur season 3 episode 1

la reina del sur season 3 episode 1

La Reina Del Sur

La Reina Del Sur is based on the novel by Arthur Perez-Rivert. It first aired on Telemundo in 2011, and it took eight years for the network to resume in 2019. Now after three years the makers will release the third installment.

La Reina del Sur 3 release date announced According to Telemundo, the third season will air on October 18 at 9:00 p.m. They also released a new trailer to wrap up the season.

The third season picks up four years later and Teresa is in prison in the US for killing three DEA agents.

La Reina Del Sur Season 3 cast

Kate del Castillo – Teresa Mendoza

Emmanuel Orenda – Danilo Marquez
Humberto Zurita – Epifanio Vargas
Antonio Gil – Oleg Ossikov
James Correa as Jonathan Perez
Secretary of State Sheela
Corn is literally as dry as dew
Agatha Clares is Alcharaf’s dove.
Isabella Serra, Sofia Dantes
Alexander Bold Caesar Igor “Batman”.
Kika Edgar – Genoveva Alcala
Lincoln Palomek as Faustino Sanchez Godoy
Eduardo Esanes – Antonio Alcala
Dmitry Anisimov – Anton Potapushin

Season 3 will feature a lot of new characters. See details below.

Pepe Rapazotte Pablo Landero
Noah Hernandez
Arthur Rios – Dillion’s Oath
Denia Agaliana
Andrew Palomino, husband Matthew
Horace Garcia Reds, Charlie Velasquez
Ed Trucco as Ernie Palmer
Sophia Lama, Susana Guzman
Matthias Nowa
Carlos Valencia
Fernando Solorzano
Viktor Rebul – Fedor Ikasikov
House Chamberlin

“La Reina Del Sur” season 3 trailer was released on September 1st.

Season 3 “La Reina Del Sur” Plot and Expected Story
Speaking of La Reina del Sur Season 3, we know that Kate Del Castillo will play the role of Libra Mendoza. The next season takes place four years after the second season.

She was arrested for the murders of three DEA agents. His daughters are still far away.

During the press tour, the lead actor said that the third season has nothing to do with drug dealing.

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