September 26, 2023

Is lake mead water level rising !

lake mead national recreation area

lake mead national recreation area

Lake Mead, the largest reservoir on the Colorado River and the largest water source in Southern California, has exceeded the state’s forecast for the past several weeks.

In fact, there have been reports of rising water levels in Lake Mead. We now know for certain that the lake has risen more than three feet since the beginning of August.

On Aug 1, the water level in this lake was 1040.99 m above sea level. As noon of Aug. 31, level 1044.32 feet, was 3.3 feet high.

The Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), which oversees the distribution and collection of water in the Colorado River Basin, told that the increase is due to increased rainfall and reduced demand from downstream partners due to monsoon runoff.

According to Bohr, 64% of the lake’s rise in the last month was due to heavy rains, while the remaining 36% was due to reduced demand for the slopes.

The downstream demand is the total amount of river flow/use from users downstream of Hoover Dam to Mexico,” said Ayime Andreasen, spokeswoman for BOR Communications. This includes municipalities, irrigation districts and farms. This includes real-time water use reductions compared to water use inventories in our models. we’re talking about.”

“By August 29th, Lake Mead is expected to be about 2.5 feet higher than the August 24th survey,” Andreasen told 8 News Now. We saw an additional flow of about 112,000 acre feet above what was done (about 1.6 feet), and we reduced the flow at Hoover Dam by 67,000 acre feet from our initial forecast model (about 0.9 feet). This results in an increase in flow that accounts for approximately 64% of the total elevation in Lake Mead. “

Simply put, stormwater flows into Lake Mead, and because Arizona and California use less of their quota, less water is released downstream of Hoover Dam.

The BOR does not officially report which country is using less water than expected or if a country is using less water, this data will be reviewed on 24 September.

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