December 3, 2023


Tech as it is.

Learn Exactly How We Made ROBOTICS Last Month In The Suburbs!



Here’s a little known secret about ROBOTICS:

There are fields of knowledge, and there is the field of ROBOTICS. It has been this way for a very long time. And one might even say that it always will be.

We’re going to tell you all about the field of ROBOTICS by telling you how we made ROBOTICS last month in our suburbs. You see, a few weeks ago we were sitting around looking at each other… well okay, not really but close enough… when suddenly we realized that it had been forever since we had done anything with ROBOTICS! We could have sworn someone mentioned something the other day about doing an article on robotics or something like that, but we had been so busy with… well…

We have been so busy with other things for a very long time that we had completely forgotten about ROBOTICS. Or maybe it was something else. We’re not really sure about that either. The point is that the field of ROBOTICS must be preserved at all costs! It’s up to our children and their children. Our parents’ children and their children’s parents – you get the idea. In fact, in order to ensure this, we decided to make the field of ROBOTICS ourselves last month in our suburbs!

It took a lot of doing, but eventually we managed to construct an actual physical thing out of pure knowledge alone: an article on robotics! And here it is! This article on robotics is called “How We Made ROBOTICS Last Month in the Suburbs”, and in this article we’ll tell you everything we know about how to build a robot. By “we” we mean the other guy, but he’s good with ROBOTICS so who really cares?

So buckle up and get ready for an amazing journey into the history of ROBOTICS. Because that old saying will always be true: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And don’t forget: If you see someone without a smile, give ’em one of yours! (We swear we did not make this up.) You can do it; we believe in you

Now go read How We Made ROBOTICS Last Month in the Suburbs!

ROBOTICS: How We Made It Last Month In The Suburbs is a parody of an article from the spoof website UnNews . If you liked this post, you should go check out UnNews and read all their awesome articles because they rock. Also follow them on Facebook and Twitter while you’re at it. And if any of your friends think that this post was actually legit then send ’em here to get them to shut up already cuz they’re ruining my street cred!


Q: Are you the same Uncyclopedian who wrote that other article about ROBOTICS?

A: Yes.

Q: So then what’s with all this other stuff on your userpage like “UnNews” and “I’m banned from Uncyclopedia ’cause I called someone a retard.”?

A: That’s part of a long and complicated story involving trickery, betrayal, and revenge. The short version? We were banned from Uncyclopedia. And now we’re not.

Q: So… you’ve been banned from Uncyclopedia?

A: Yeah but it was totally worth it. Check out the other stuff on our user page – it’ll blow your mind! At least that’s what we keep telling ourselves even though deep down we know that nobody really cares about any of that stuff except for us and maybe like two other people. Just forget about all that other crap and read some more awesome articles! And remember: Follow UnNews on Facebook and Twitter!

Q: Is this post actually legit?

A: No. It’s not legit at all. We made it up; we don’t know why it’s called ROBOTICS; and even if it was legit it would still be completely ridiculous because, c’mon, who writes stuff like “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? Nobody! Nobody writes stuff like that except us. So there!

Q: What are you talking about? That article was awesome! And so were the other ones too – especially that one about vampires! I totally learned a lot from that one.

A: Oh yeah? Well then why don’t you write something for Uncyclopedia yourself? Here, use this account – go nuts!


That was an article about ROBOTICS. We hope you enjoyed it. If not, well then that’s just too bad! Don’t forget to follow UnNews on Facebook and Twitter while you’re at it – they rock! And if you see someone without a smile, give ’em one of yours because there’s no reason not to be happy once in a while. Unless… is this one of those things where “sometimes” means “all the time”? Because I am confused. Please leave feedback in the discussion page.