December 4, 2023


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5 Pro Marketing Automation Tips For Small Businesses

marketing tips good ideas

marketing tips good ideas

Marketing tips good ideas: Believe it or not, marketing automation seems to be the answer for small businesses, because when a business is first launched, they’re going to need all the help they can get to stay afloat. That means that repetitive tasks and processes must be automated, and use that spare time to tackle other issues or tasks that might come your way. When tasks are automated, this allows you to spend more time with customers and leads, and, eventually, earn you sales.

However, automation isn’t perfect, as one might suspect. In fact, sometimes, you – the business runner – must do your part to make automation work for you.

This article will explore the 5 marketing automation tips that can turn your small business initiatives into an automated and well-running ecosystem for everyone involved.

Choose The Right Software

“It’s important to know that you can’t treat all marketing tools the same,” says Adam Supple, a business writer at Lia Help and Paper Fellows. “At first, you might be introduced to different software and different options, it’s important to do your research first before considering a software. If you come across vendors, be sure to ask them questions about the software that they offer. Asking questions lets you determine the pros and cons of various software options and, ultimately, make the right pick for your small business.”

Have A Plan

The truth is, you can’t dive head-first if you don’t know what’s ahead of you. The same is true for your small business; you can’t go into this without a plan. If you’re having problems making your marketing automation strategy work for you, then it’s time to step back, and see what went wrong.

To fix this, define a clear strategy for your automation platform first. In other words, have the right software and analyze your customer data ahead of time. Next, determine which direction you want to take automation – figure out what needs to be automated, and what needs to be done by human workers.

Have Good-Quality Content

Customers – especially prospective ones – want to see great content from you, when they first come to you. For leads, the content is the first impression: Is your small business worth checking out and, eventually, doing business with?

While marketing automation can’t create the content for you, it can still handle other things like posting and promoting. You, on the other hand, must still work to plan the content, create, and revise and edit it. Afterwards, automation can track how your content is performing and who is interacting with said content, thus serving you as a lead generation tool.

Organize Your Contact List

“Your contact list will grow, as your small business grows,” says Henry Kingston, a web developer at State Of Writing and OXEssays. “When you segment, or organize, your contact list, automation will do the rest. So, if you need to find certain contact information, your automation tool can pull it up for you.”

You can also segment your messaging to your contacts, based on different priorities and needs that your small business may come across. Therefore, organizing your lists can be useful for contacting leads and existing customers.

Establish A Customer Persona

Finally, in addition to organizing your contacts, you may want to consider creating customer personas. In other words, divide your contacts into different groups, and then determine the best persona for each. For example, for critical groups, have a customer persona who is patient and willing to work with them despite any slights they might make.

Automation can help you do this by taking note of customer behaviors through the tracked and recorded data. When looking at the data, not only will you identify the core demographics of your customers, but also the following:

  • Common behaviors
  • Pain points, AND
  • Objectives

This allows your sales team to better identify who they should focus on, and how to best serve them.


It’s understandable that choosing a marketing automation solution for your small business can be a chore at times. However, when you keep in mind these 5 pro tips, marketing automation will soon be easier for you to implement to your business strategies. Automation, of course, is the way to go, since it makes tasks easier for you, as you work to run your business from the “storefront,” while the marketing part works “behind the scenes.”

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