September 21, 2023

Matewa Kiritapu Age, Net Worth and More !

Matewa Kiritapu

Matewa Kiritapu

Matewa Kiritapu: Taika Waititi’s Daughter – Meet Mateeva Kiritapu – Taika Waititi born Taika David Cohen ONZM is an actor, artist and comedian who has received many awards and recognition for his outstanding talent in the entertainment industry .
The comedian is a Grammy winner, an Academy Award winner, a BAFTA winner and a two-time Primetime Emmy Award nominee. He was born on 16 August 1975 in Raukokor, Waihau Bay, New Zealand.

He appeared in several films, some of which are Savage Hunt (2016) and The Boy (2010). The comedian has two children, all daughters of his first wife, New Zealand film producer Chelsea Winstanley. He is currently married to British singer Rita Ora. They were married in August

Who is Matewa Kiritapu?

Matheva Kiritapu is one of New Zealand actress Watiti’s daughters. He is the youngest child of the actor and his first wife Chelsea Winstanley, a New Zealand film producer.

Watiti and Chelsea got married in 2011. Their marriage lasted exactly ten years. They were separated inside

Mateva was one of two children they had together. Following in the footsteps of his father, Watiti, he starred in Thor: Love and Thunder (2022). The young star has an older sister, Te Hinekahu.

Mateva Kiritapu Age

Baby Matev was born on August 11, 2015 and is 7 years old.

How much does Taika Waititi’s plot cost?

Taika Waititi is worth $13 million. Over time, he amassed a huge fortune in the film industry. Taiki’s income comes from acting, directing and comedy work. Taika is currently enjoying life and happiness through his career. His success as a producer also brought him fame and fortune. The wealth and annual income of the actor and comedian will increase significantly in the coming days.

Who is Taika Waititi’s wife?

Taika Waititi married actress Chelsea Winstanley in 2011. She is a film producer from New Zealand. The couple had two daughters, Te Hinekahu and Kiritapu Mateva.

The family now lives in New Zealand. Together, they are often seen spending time together, going on various trips.

What is Taika Waititi up to now?

Taika is currently focusing on his career and is working on many projects in the future. She is also busy raising her beautiful children. Taiki’s active life and dedication to his work inspires many people around the world. His passion for cinema leads him to achieve great things in the film industry.

The couple divorced in 2018 after seven years of marriage. However, they did not talk about their separation.

Taika Waititi is a talented actor who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He is also a devoted father to his two beautiful daughters, Te Hinekah and Kiritapa Matheva.

Since the divorce, Tyka has been dating Rita Ora, an English singer. Taika and Rita are now in a relationship. Taika is a successful businesswoman and Rita Ora is a talented singer. They are very nice people with great personalities and a strong work ethic.

Connect with Taika Waititi on Instagram.

Taika Waititi has an Instagram account @taikawaitii. He has amassed 1.7 million followers on the photo-sharing platform. Taika often posts on Instagram about work, family, friends and travel. He also shares promotional content for his recent films on social media.

Waititi’s Instagram account currently has 2.6 million followers and 1,024 posts. Although Taika shares pictures of her children with her partners, her personal life seems to be more interesting. According to his Instagram account, the actor is an active worker and loves to interact with his fans and followers on social media.

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