Microsoft Edge imports your data from Chrome and Firefox before you give permission

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

The new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge asks if you want to import data from another browser during installation. This is useful, but in the case of Edge, the data is imported regardless of whether you grant permission or not.During the initial setup of Edge, the browser asks if you want to import basic data from another browser, namely Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. As described by a Reddit user for the first time, Microsoft Edge imports this data before granting permission. This post has been deleted since then, but other users on the thread express that Edge is importing their data without permission. How?If Edge asks you for permission to import data, users who look behind the dialog will notice that some of their data already exists. This is before a user is technically granted Microsoft permission to scan other browsers. If a user denies this permission, this information is quickly deleted from the Edge.

In conversation with Windows Central, Microsoft has provided some information about what is going on here. The company said the import dialog “gives users the ability to save or dispose of imported data.” However, there is a big gap for this data. If a customer stops the installation process in time, “residual data cannot be completely deleted”. Given that Microsoft Edge is currently starting up for many Windows users and will initially take over the entire computer, I bet that many people will end the “first run” and keep their data in the browser.Does Microsoft intend to fix this and actually follow the rules? It definitely doesn’t sound. Microsoft largely avoided the question in a statement.We believe that browser data belongs to the customer and he has the right to decide what to do with it. Like other browsers, Microsoft Edge gives users the ability to import data during installation.If your browser information is owned by the customer, you may not need to retrieve it before you get permission from Microsoft. microsoft , chrome, firefox

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