November 28, 2023


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Modern night vision scopes

night vision scopes

night vision scopes

Night vision scopes: Night optics have appeared on the market for a long time. But for the majority of users, it has become relatively recent. Nowadays, everyone can expand the capabilities of their weapons and try to see in the dark.

Night vision optics have become indispensable in hunting, army, and security. Those who deal with weapons must purchase such goods. Let’s see how such irreplaceable devices work. So. What are night vision scopes, what generations exist, and what are the advantages of such products?

Modern night vision devices

At the moment, night vision optics are presented in a huge variety. These can be binoculars, monoculars, sights, and accessories. These products fall into two broad categories: night vision devices and thermal imaging devices.

Night vision devices are products that allow you to see in low light. Presumably, they are used in the dark. They work on the principle of multiplying the brightness. Therefore, the object of observation is displayed on the lens of the device. Thermal imaging devices show the silhouette, not its reflection. The devices use thermal infrared radiation, which is invisible to the human eye.

If you are sure that you are interested in night vision scopes, and not thermal imaging models, we recommend that you pay attention to the starlight rifle scope. These are the best devices of their kind. They are suitable for any weapon.

What are night vision scopes?

Night vision scopes come in two main classes. Some work on an electro-optical converter, others are called digital. Each of the varieties has its own characteristics.

Image converter night vision scopes converter

There are four generations of image night vision devices. They differ in the modifications of their main component. Generation 1 and 1+ devices are already considered obsolete. They most likely will not improve your weapon, but on the contrary. Such devices can give optical distortion and have a high probability of overexposure.

Generation 2 and 2+ scopes are considered optimal at the moment. They are affordable and will give you weapon benefits. With this device, you will be able to see at long distances and not be afraid of glare.

Generation 3 and 3+ scopes are considered the most advanced. They allow you to work over long distances. They have no flare. This device is suitable for real professionals. But there is one drawback here. It comes at a high price.

Digital night vision sights

Digital sights work on the basis of a small digital matrix, which eliminates flare. The price of these devices is many times more affordable. These scopes are compact enough for use with any weapon.

What do night vision scopes give to weapons?

One of the main advantages of night vision scopes is the ability to see at long distances. Some devices allow you to see objects after about 300 meters or more. The distance depends on the instrument or the characteristics of the digital matrix.

Also, a night vision sight makes it possible to see in conditions of insufficient illumination or its complete absence. This factor depends on the characteristics of a particular device. If a digital night vision sight is used, then you should pay attention to its operation in the complete absence of lighting. For some devices, you can buy separately infrared illumination, which will expand its capabilities.

To summarize, night vision scopes are indispensable devices for people who deal with weapons. When buying a product, consider the basic subtleties of using different generations.

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