December 2, 2023


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Most Common MS Outlook Problems and Their Fixes

outlook error 500

outlook error 500

Even though MS Outlook is popular, it’s not the perfect email tool used by business owners and many organizations. There are some common errors associated with MS Outlook that will affect the user experience. These errors will not only prevent you from accessing the MS Outlook account, but you might also end up losing valuable data items. 

But keep in mind that there are numerous MS Outlook versions available in the market. Therefore, you need to focus on different approaches to solve the problem. Whether you use an older version of MS Outlook or a newer version, our solutions would help you. Here are the most common MS Outlook errors as well as their fixes you need to know. 

Outlook Send/Receive Error 

This is one of the most common MS Outlook errors you will face while using the data items. The Outlook send/receive error is a common problem many users encounter. As per different reports, there are various solutions you need to know so that you can solve this problem. We will try to cover the most ones. However, before implementing the complicated solutions, make sure you use the following methods as they are easier and might fix the problem. 

  • Make sure your system is connected to the internet 
  • De-clutter your MS Outlook account or mailbox 
  • Make sure the email settings are appropriate 

If these simple solutions fail to work, here are some other methods you should follow. 

Use ScanPST Tool 

Go to the Start option from Windows 1. From there you can see the File Explorer Options tab. When you click on it, a new window will open. After that, visit the View tab and check the option ‘Show Hidden Files’ folders. 

From the start menu, you will find the ScanPST.exe option. This option will lead to another option named Inbox Repair Tool. This way you can solve the send/receive issue or other Outlook problems. Consider using the MS outlook repair tool if the ScanPST tool doesn’t work. The DataNumen tool will help you tackle MS Outlook errors effectively. 

Open MS Outlook in Safe Mode 

Another great way to solve the send/receive MS Outlook error is by opening the MS Outlook in safe mode. This way you can bypass the bugs in the MS account which will go away after you restart the application. 

Consider visiting the start menu. From there, you will find the option outlook.exe / safe. When you click on this, MS Outlook will start in safe mode. Click the Show Progress and the Download Preferences. You can download the headers as well as the full items. This step should be enough to solve the send/receive issue. As per Computer Hope, safe mode can correct any problem

Cannot Open MS Outlook Window 

This is another common error that MS Outlook users tackle. This error indicates that the data files of MS Outlook aren’t opening properly. Most of the time, this issue can be solved by opening MS Outlook in safe mode. 

Another great way to tackle the MS Outlook Window problem is by resetting the navigation pane settings to the default settings. This way you can clean your MS Outlook account more effectively. Consider closing the Taskbar window and restarting your application. This might prove helpful in solving this problem. 

Increased Size of the PST Files 

Even though the PST files are one of the most significant features of the MS Outlook account, they are extremely corruption prone. If you’re a frequent MS Outlook user, you might have gathered an enormous amount of email items. If you’re using MS Outlook 2016, consider going to the File option. From there you will find Account Settings. 

Once you open the Account Settings window, your next step is to find the Data Files and choose the option Settings. You will find an option Compact Now from the Advanced tab. Within a couple of minutes, the size of your PST files will shrink. As a result, you will prevent the PST files from facing corruption. 

Focus on the Add-ins 

Many MS Outlook users install different types of extra programs on their Outlook accounts. Even though they assume these extra programs or add-ins will help them complete their tasks effectively, that’s not the case every time. Sometimes, some specific add-ins will corrupt the MS Outlook account and will affect the progress. If you think you’ve installed irrelevant add-ins, you need to ensure you’re removing them from your system. This way you can de-clutter the MS Outlook message window and enhance the speed of email opening. 

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Go to the Files and then Options. From there a window will be opened to complete all the MS Outlook-related tasks. From there you need to find the add-ins menu. Choose the add-ins that you want to remove. But it’s best if you uncheck the items first and restart your system. This way you can know which add-ins were causing problems. 


These are the most common MS Outlook problems as well as their fixes. If you want any help-, make sure you contact us.