September 30, 2023

Pokemon legends celebi release date and more!

Pokemon legends celebi release date

Pokemon legends celebi release date

Less than two months after the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, rumors have started swirling about what the next mainstream Pokemon game series could be. Some have even begun to speculate that Arceus, known as Pokemon Legends: Pokemon Legends Celebi, could be in the works.

Of course, not all Pokemon rumors turn out to be true, such as the vague theory that Ash Ketchum could be going to Fortnite. Here’s what fans need to know about the Pokemon Legends Celebi rumors and whether the game is real.

Origin of celebi rumours

Similar to Pokemon x Fortnite rumors, Pokemon Legends Celebi rumors have become more popular since the release of a well-made fan trailer. In 2022, YouTuber and animator YassiR released a dummy trailer for Pokemon Legends: Arceus style showing the ancient Johto region in April.

The YassiR trailer showed Turtwig, Torchic and Froakie as early as possible. He even created regional variations for the latest development for starters. These are the Fairy Torterra type, the Blaziken Electric type, or the Greninja Rock or Ground type.

The video shows Altaria and Bouffalant regional types or evolutions that can act as Pokémon Ride, Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon regional types. YassiR even brought back Pokemon XD: Shadow Lugia along with a white version of Ho-Oh.

In the description of the video, YassiR described Celebi’s plot to send either Chris or Ethan in time to avoid war. But everything in the video is ultimately wonderful. So far, the Pokemon Company has not announced such a game in the future.

Are the legends of Pokemon Celebi real?

Pokemon Legends Celebi is currently unknown. However, such a game may appear in the future.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is selling well, which means a sequel is out of the question. Based on previous Pokemon release charts, fans could predict when such a sequel would be released.

Leaks have revealed that the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLCs are in the works. It will end up being just DLC, maybe in 2023, not a new Gen 9 game. Meanwhile, the remake has only been released digitally since the 4th generation. This means that Pokemon Black and White versions will not be released until Gen 10.

Anyway, let’s get Pokemon, Pikachu! and let’s go, Evie! It appeared in the 7th generation, which means that in the future it is possible to remake an odd number of generations. Assuming this is the case, another gold-based game could be released before the end of Gen 9. So, if Pokemon Legends Celebi is real, the release date would be 2024.

Pokemon Legends: Celebrity Release Date?
In short: no.

Pokemon Legends: Celebi doesn’t have a release date due to fan speculation – it’s not a “real” Pokemon game in development.

However, this game is never true. Fan communities are a powerful thing and they prove time and time again what can be done when you come together. While it’s doubtful that Pokemon Legends: Celebi will make it to Game Freak’s list of highly anticipated games, it’s clear that fans will try to make it one way or another.