December 3, 2023


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Powchell charger

Powchell charger

Powchell charger

Powchell charger : Kickstarter is a bit of a mixed bag because there are some really cool ideas. So you never know what will happen when you invest. Fortunately, the projects I supported always came through and I was never disappointed. So when I saw the information about the chargers I was surprised.

How good are the chargers?

I love nature, technology and camping. However, these things don’t always work together. The main problem is that modern life drains your battery like never before. So what is the solution? Yes, a power bank and other options are fine, but they don’t fit the bill. They usually lack energy and memory or are uncomfortable. A change here is the charger bag. With an incredibly intuitive design, you get a truly reliable option to charge your device in a variety of ways, whatever the situation.

With smart cable management, rugged outer casing and long battery life, it helps you perform in any harsh environment. Additionally, there are both internal and external charging points. Additionally, it has an IP67 waterproof rating and floats. Thus, it is a great tool for sports lovers, tourists and festival goers.

It is full of technology and interesting ideas.

On top of all that, Panasonic’s massive 20,000 mAh (74 Wh) battery supports fast charging. Both internal and external ports charge your device quickly so you can get to work quickly. However, I like its safe design. With enough internal storage, you can store your “top” devices safely and securely. This is especially encouraging as I hate leaving my valuables out of sight.

Finally, for those who travel a lot, this flight is TSA approved. In addition, the well-thought-out design makes it practically indestructible. Hence, it is allowed to accompany you on the plane and avoid common bumps and scratches easily.

Pouchel Charger will launch its Kickstarter campaign very soon. If you are interested in this device and want more information about it, click the link here!

Batteries are not used for your devices.
Internal and external charging ports.
Recharge at a faster rate on the go.
Protect your devices from aggressive elements.
Carry your gear with ease.
Be organized and ahead of the game.
IP67 waterproof and floating.
Approved for air travel (TSA approved).