September 30, 2023


safebound moving and storage yelp

safebound moving and storage yelp

Safebound moving and storage yelp: There are several benefits of relocating in the winter period. For one thing, fewer people are looking to relocate during this time, which means there is less competition for your home. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of relocating in the winter in detail.

The Pros of Moving in the Winter

A Cheaper Option

While many people choose to avoid moving during the winter, there are many benefits to it. One such benefit is that it can be much cheaper to move during this time because of the reduced competition. Prices can be as much as 10% lower than in the spring or summer. It is a great time to buy a home so hurry and hire your local movers with trucks to get started on your move!

Cool Weather

Moving to a cooler climate has its advantages. For one, there are fewer bugs and allergies. You can also enjoy more outdoor activities in the cold. It’s not too cold to go to the beach during the winter. Temperatures are usually around 75degF/24degC. It’s also a time of the year when various plants are in bloom, making it an ideal place to live.

Holiday Hours

Employees who work on a holiday will receive a proportionate amount of compensation based on their workload. A full-time employee will receive eight hours of compensation for each day worked, while a part-time employee will receive four hours per day. This way, employees can code for up to 16 holiday hours during each workweek.

Moving during the winter period is an ideal time to relocate because it will avoid interruption of children’s schooling, and it will help them adjust to their new school environment. Also, there will be less traffic on the roads, making it safer for relocating families.

Cons of Moving During the Winter

Moving during the winter can be challenging. Not only is the weather freezing, but the sidewalks are often icy. You may also miss out on the holiday fun. Even if you are moving locally, you may not be able to take much time off work.

Cold Temperatures

If you are considering moving during the winter, it’s important to consider the climate of the state in which you plan to live. Although it may be difficult to adjust to cold temperatures, you can make the transition much easier by practicing certain exercises. For example, jumping jacks or performing warm-up exercises can help you adapt to the cold weather.

The Cost of Utilities

Another thing to consider is the cost of utilities. The cost of electricity can be very expensive during cold temperatures, so you will have to budget accordingly. Moving during the winter also means that you will have to pay for heating and cooling costs, which may be quite high. You should also keep in mind the potential health risks that come with cold weather.

Icy Sidewalks

Avoiding icy sidewalks can be a challenge during the winter months. To make moving on ice safer, it is important to stay alert and avoid taking shortcuts. You should be aware of your surroundings and avoid reading or texting while walking. You should also take short steps and bend forward, keeping your center of gravity over your feet. You should keep your hands out of your pockets to prevent slipping and falling.

Icy sidewalks can be dangerous to walk on and can lead to an emergency room visit. Before moving in winter, make sure you have adequate salt on hand and make sure you put down floor coverings. If possible, you should also use de-icers on the sidewalks. safebound moving and storage yelp

Water Damage

Water damage during the winter months can happen for many reasons, including regular flooding, leaking roofs, and burst pipes. Depending on the temperature, water can freeze and burst a pipe, causing water damage to floors and walls. It is a good idea to drain appliances before moving them, to protect them from low temperatures. Even so, water residue in an appliance can cause damage in cold temperatures.


If you’re moving in the winter, be sure to bring a snow shovel and a snowblower, as well as salt for the sidewalks. Think about protecting your new home and your belongings, and try to keep your new place dry as much as possible. Be sure to turn off the heat, too, because freezing temperatures can rupture pipes and cause water damage.

You can make your move easy and smooth with Safebound Moving and Storage. Give us a call and we will take care of everything for you. 

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