October 1, 2023

8 Best Push Notification Platforms For iOS and Android App Engagement

push notification platforms

push notification platforms

Push notification platforms: Push notifications have emerged as the main marketing strategy for businesses around the world. And why not so when they are driving results. But still, some are not able to get the results they want.

You might be wondering, why?

Is there some issue with react native push notifications that they worked for some but not for all?

Why is it so that some use them and take their business apps to the next level and some struggle to make a presence in the local market?

Well, you need to know that there is nothing wrong with push notifications. It is the strategy and platform that matter the most.

So which is the right platform?

Well here are the 8 Best Push Notification platforms for iOS and Android App Engagement.


It is one of the leading mobile push notifications providers for both Android and iOS. It is a symbol of trust for thousands of developers around the world. The good thing about Wonderpush is, it is easy to integrate with both iOS and Android apps.

The notification creation and edit page features are so rich that you can easily compose and schedule messages. Then it doesn’t matter whether these messages are based on triggers or are specifically targeted.

Moreover, you are provided with multiple notification formats to choose from. Apart from this, with automation, you can send periodical and segmented push notifications.


It is one of the enterprise-level mobile marketing platforms. It offers automation solutions for creating and sending push notifications and in-app alerts. It provides you with a simple drag-and-drop message builder. It comes with rich media support like images, graphics, videos, emojis, gifs, etc.

It is easy to integrate. You can integrate it with leading mobile analytics tools. Then it doesn’t matter whether it’s Google Analytics, Flurry, Mix Panel, or so on. It also provides you with other features like A/B testing, message scheduling, API integration, and much more.

You can leverage advanced analytics solutions that allow you to target different audience segments based on the attributes like user profiles, location, and behavior.

One Signal

It is one of the leading push notifications providers in the market. It allows developers to boost their reach with relevant and personalized push notifications. You can easily segment the users based on country, language, region, age, activity, etc.

Apart from this, it allows you to send behavioral push notifications. These are automated, so you need not put extra effort. This will help you to re-engage inactive audiences. In addition to this One Signal automatically excludes the users who were inactive for more than the last three months.

Moreover, the intelligent delivery feature of OneSignal helps you to increase the CTR by sending messages at a particular time when a user is likely to use the app.


It is a multi-channel push notification provider that helps you to re-engage users and build solid relationships. The good thing about Leanplum is, it allows you to organize user data and build rich user profiles specifically based on gender, behavior, and so on.

It provides you with simple and intuitive ways to create a messaging campaign. You can choose from a lot of available templates to make your campaign more effective. It also provides you the ability to configure push notification triggers based on in-app events and attributes.

Urban Airship

It provides you analytics and other engagement strategies apart from push notifications and this is its bigger advantage. It also provides you with sophisticated targeting using user preferences, location history, in-app behavior, detailed device information, and much more.

It comes with a wallet studio that integrates with Google Wallet and Apple Passbook. This helps you to process push notifications related to loyalty cards, coupons, and promotions. Apart from this, it provides you with conversion reporting to measure progress.


It is one of the leading customer engagement platforms that offer push notification services. The good thing about MoEngage is the AI-powered segmentation engine. It segments users into groups based on their behavior. This means you can send highly personalized notifications to your users.

Another advantage of using MoEngage is Push Amplificaftion+. This ensures that your messages will be delivered to your users regardless of network restrictions. It also provides you with geofencing to target users based on location. This helps you to establish your roots in the local market.


It is a mobile app messaging and management platform that helps mobile app developers to reach potential audiences. It is one of the best app engagement platforms.

It helps you to understand user behavior and boosts the targeting of your messaging campaign. It comes with personalization that allows you to turn your audience into active and loyal users.

It also helps you with the onboarding process by delivering strategic push notifications to users who have just installed your app. This means you can easily grab the user’s attention from the beginning of their journey itself. Moreover, it is a multi-language platform.


One of the leading digital optimization platforms that also provides push notification services. It provides developers an opportunity to schedule push notification campaigns and sends messages based on time zones and various triggers. This notifies your users at the right time.

It also comes with segmentation and personalization, so that you are not only able to engage the audience but are also able to drive sales. Another feature that allows you to stay ahead of your competitors is Taplytics A/B testing. You can run split tests to identify which notification get the highest engagement and why.


When it comes to drawing profit from business apps, marketing plays a crucial role. This is why the marketing strategy matters a lot. But what matters, even more, is the right platform. If you are on the one your chances of getting desired results are higher. So, which platform to go with is presented to you in this guide. Now the choice is yours.

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