September 26, 2023

Randy Stair: The Tragic Tale of a Troubled Mind

randy stair shooting

randy stair shooting

Randy Stair was an American animator and content creator who gained notoriety after committing a mass shooting at a grocery store in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania, in 2017. Before the shooting, Stair had left behind a trail of disturbing messages and videos on social media, revealing his deep-seated mental health issues and his fascination with a fictional character he created called Ember.

Early Life and Career:

Randy Stair was born on September 17, 1993, in Pennsylvania, USA. He showed an early interest in animation and started creating his own cartoons and short films at a young age. He attended a local community college and worked part-time at a grocery store before pursuing his passion for animation and creating his own YouTube channel, where he uploaded his animated videos.

The Emergence of Ember:

In 2016, Randy Stair created a fictional character named Ember McLain, inspired by a character from the Nickelodeon show “Danny Phantom.” Stair became obsessed with Ember, even going as far as getting a tattoo of her on his arm. He created numerous videos and social media posts, in which he identified himself as Ember and referred to himself in the third person.

The Final Days:

In the months leading up to the shooting, Randy Stair’s mental health deteriorated rapidly. He posted numerous videos and messages on social media, revealing his suicidal thoughts and his plan to commit a mass shooting. He also created a 42-page document titled “The Story of Ember’s Bridge,” which detailed his plan to kill his coworkers at the grocery store where he worked, as well as his own suicide.

The Shooting: On June 8, 2017, Randy Stair entered the Weis grocery store in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania, armed with two shotguns and a pistol. He killed three of his coworkers before turning the gun on himself. The shooting shocked the local community and gained national attention, with many questioning how such a tragedy could have been prevented.


Q: Was Randy Stair mentally ill? A: Yes, Randy Stair suffered from severe mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, and a personality disorder. He left behind numerous videos and messages, in which he expressed his suicidal thoughts and his obsession with Ember.

Q: What was Ember’s Bridge? A: Ember’s Bridge was a term coined by Randy Stair to describe the location where he planned to commit the mass shooting. It was a reference to his fictional character Ember, who he believed would be waiting for him on the other side of the bridge in the afterlife.

Q: Could the shooting have been prevented? A: It’s difficult to say for sure, but there were several warning signs that Randy Stair was struggling with mental health issues and was planning something violent. However, no one reported his behavior to the authorities, and he was able to carry out his plan.


The tragic story of Randy Stair highlights the importance of addressing mental health issues and recognizing warning signs of potential violence. It’s a reminder that even seemingly harmless obsessions can spiral out of control and lead to devastating consequences. May his victims rest in peace.

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