Ranking Analysis: How to Convert your SEO into Leads and Make Profit

seo leads

seo leads

SEO Leads: So how do you do it? And how do you do it in the space of a year?

Climbing into the top Google rankings isn’t something you can achieve overnight.This is where so-called keyword metrics become all important.As we already know, keyword selection is a vital part of increasing your ranking.

If the only keywords you are placing into your content are the same ones that all your competitors are using, you will fail to make advances.

How to do Keyword Research

SEO Leads: So your first task after completing your research is to draw up a long list of core keywords you need to be using.

Include ‘long-tail keywords’ – phrases of more than three words that people use to narrow their search right down to a specific product, service or location.

‘Techpally digital marketing services ’ for example is searched just ten times per month, meaning it might not be searched for often.

However, including it in your keywords, you have a good chance of being matched with the ten customers who do use that particular long-tail phrase every month.

And by choosing more obscure phrases, get yourself ahead of your competition who may not have thought of the same keywords.

Obviously, if you can be in the top position for the search term ‘digital marketing’, you are going to see dramatic sales increases, however that is far harder to achieve than say, being in position number one for the term ‘Internet marketing agency in London’.

How to Plan your Ranking strategy

SEO Leads: With your keyword research done, and your long list of keywords to include now complete, your next step is to turn your research into a campaign strategy that leads to a rise in your Google ranking, and the subsequent rise in site visits and conversions.

You might at this point be asking yourself, a couple of very sensible questions.

Ok, so I could put all that hard work into raising my Google ranking, but is it really going to be lead to more business?

 How much extra traffic does a top Google ranking actually bring with it?

If you want to get an idea of how moving up the Google rankings could impact your sales then we need to look at the average click through rates (CTR) for each position.

Let’s say, through our targeted keyword work, we can get Dining Style to move up from the second page of rankings to a position on the first page of results, which is perfectly achievable through targeted focus on keyword placement.

A great deal of research has been done in recent years by those who live, eat and breathe SEO into click through rates and most find very similar results.

You can look at this for the whole breakdown of the results and how they’re obtained.

It makes for interesting reading and absolutely confirms that rankings matter where leads are concerned, showing that for example, those companies whose results appear in positions 1-5, account for 67.60% of all the clicks through to sites, and those in results 6-10, account for just 3.73%.

Search engine Ranking Analysis

SEO Leads: For our purposes, let’s take a look at what moving up the rankings could do for the numbers of people clicking through to Dining Style’s website.

The formula is pretty simple really. It goes…

Traffic  =  search volume  x  CTR / 100

(visits per month)

So, in the case of ‘Internet marketing agency in London’ being in position one of the Google rankings could very well lead you to expect;

90 searches per month x CTR of 31.24 = 28.12 visits per month

And don’t forget, that is just from that one searched term alone.

Obviously the more keywords you are ranking highly for, the more extra visits you will receive.

For being in position one for ‘North London SEO agencies , you could expect to see;

320 searches per month x CTR of 31.24 = 99.97 extra visits per month.

Obviously, these figures are not guarantees and the metrics are made a little more complicate.

if you break them down by the fact that research shows CTRs alter slightly when you allow for factors like search intent, branded as opposed to unbranded products.

whether there are ads featuring above you, but for our purposes, it is a reliable guide to what kind of success you might very well expect to see if you can move up those search engine rankings.

Dining Style’s SEO campaign over the year will need to be focused on more than just Keywords to really make an impact on their Google rankings.

Given that Google’s focus is now firmly on rewarding sites that prioritise the user experience and quality content over pure keywords.

Dining Style will have to spend a considerable amount of time and effort making sure their website content is interesting and addressing their customers’ needs, that their site is easy to navigate and the structure is tidy and user friendly, and that it contains plenty of backlinks.

However, assuming they do, and using the average conversion rate of 5%, then by placing themselves in position one for just five of their target keywords, they could realistically be expecting an extra?

 leads per month from just one year of focusing on these free, easily achievable SEO steps.


SEO isn’t a quick fix solution. It takes time and commitment. But it will yield results if you stick at it.

Chaktty is a business writer, sport lover and a farmer. He’s written thousands of articles on technology, business, health and agriculture

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