December 9, 2023


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Reasons Why Sapphire Engagement Rings Are a Great Catch

white sapphire engagement rings

white sapphire engagement rings

White sapphire engagement rings: Gemstones have always been highly prized due to their rarity, luxuriousness, beauty, and symbolic value. The sapphire is an exceptional beauty and delicacy. Sapphire engagement rings, in particular, play a crucial role in weaving royal dynasties together. 

It’s no surprise that sapphire engagement rings are so popular with their rich royal history and the desire to show off one’s individuality and character. Whether you choose to spend nothing at all or go all out, it will be money well spent. The reasons why engagement rings made of sapphire are so popular among royalty and the wealthy are explored here.

Motivational Testimony

For ages, sapphire engagement rings have been a cornerstone of European royal family traditions. Queen Victoria, in particular, admired sapphires; consequently, Prince Albert acquired them regularly for her. A beautiful sapphire brooch, formerly owned by Queen Victoria, is currently worn by Queen Elizabeth. 

Sapphires have long been used to fend off negative energies, quiet the mind, boost intuition, and promote spiritual clarity, so it’s no wonder the monarchs gravitated toward them. It is said that royal people have been able to stand out from the crowd by wearing sapphires, a rare gemstone symbolizing strength, individuality, knowledge, compassion, empathy, and the conviction to do things uniquely.

Several Different Hues

Did you know that sapphires may be found in each hue the rainbow offers? The hue blue, which is regarded to be a sapphire’s “true” color, is the one that the majority of people identify with sapphires. However, in addition to black, they may also be available in various hues, including yellow, pink, green, white, and even green.

Corundum is a kind of aluminum oxide mineral that may range from clear to opaque, and sapphires are a form of corundum. The velvety cornflower blue coloration of blue sapphires is considered the most desirable of all the colors of blue sapphires, which vary from light to dark royal blue and even indigo (AKA Kashmir Sapphire).

As Unyielding As a Rock

It is appropriate to have an engagement ring on display at all times. You need a strong, long-lasting, durable stone, given the likelihood that it may be mobbed about from time to time.

On the Moh’s scale, which evaluates the wear resistance of various gemstones, the sapphire scores higher than all save the diamond. On the Moh’s scale, diamonds are:

  • The hardest stone.
  • Scoring a perfect 10, while sapphires score an impressive 9.
  • Placing them in close second place.

Because of this, your stone will be very hardy and resistant to damage from chips and fractures; So, so it will be an excellent choice for the centerpiece of an engagement ring.

A Factor That Sets the Trend

Those marching to their drummer’s beat should go no farther than a sapphire to find the ideal engagement ring. They do not conform to prevailing fashions. They are the ones who establish new tendencies.

In recent years, a trend that has gained popularity is wearing non-traditional engagement rings. Many future wives aim to be distinctive by wearing a one-of-a-kind wedding gown, having an unconventional wedding venue, having a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, or maybe even all three. 

Reasonable Price

In comparison to diamonds, the price of sapphire is noticeably more affordable. This does not mean that sapphires are cheap, though. Around one-half the amount is less expensive.

The cheaper cost may be attributed to a few different variables. It’s a unique stone that’s not as highly sought after as other stones. Second, there are some diamonds worldwide, and sapphires exist. A reduced price results from a surplus of goods paired with less demand.

The cost of sapphire may range from very low to quite high, depending not only on the shade of blue you choose but also on whether or not the stone has been heated treated. Kashmir Sapphires are the most expensive of all the several types of sapphires. (the shade of blue that resembles cornflowers)

Interpretations of Love

The promise to a wedding and spend the rest of your life with another person is not the only meaning behind exchanging engagement rings. The stones have their unique significance.

For instance, the past, the present, and the future are represented by the three jewels often set in a three-stone engagement ring. They are sometimes used to imply love, friendship, or faithfulness.

You are getting the point. Different hues of sapphire each have their unique significance.

Blue sapphires– symbolize love, dedication, faithfulness, trust, and loyalty.

Black sapphires– symbolize confidence.

Green Sapphires– symbolize loyalty and honesty.

Orange Sapphires– loving creation, orange sapphires

Pink Sapphires– symbolize love and forgiveness.

Violet Sapphires– represent oneness and tranquility.

White Sapphires are associated with knowledge, communication, and power virtues.

Yellow Sapphires are associated with enlightenment and wealth.

All Colors Go Well Together in  Gold

Sapphires are stunning when set against any shade of gold, but they have an especially stunning appearance against platinum or white gold. Combining a modern stone with an old platinum setting is one of our favorites.

The accent stones’ hue and their degree of transparency determine the quality of the setting, making the hue of the gold less important than it otherwise would be. Suppose you purchase your sapphires from a respectable jeweler. In that case, we know that adding brilliant white diamonds will significantly accentuate the sapphire’s natural blue hue.

In comparison to the Natural state, It is Heat Treated

The inherent hue of certain colored gemstones may be brought out by heating them, which also helps to reduce the number of impurities. This is not uncommon and has no bearing on the stone’s integrity.

Most sapphires have undergone heat treatment, which lowers their price compared to an unheated sapphire. The report from the gemologist needs to specify whether or not the stone has been heated and treated in any way.

Even a sapphire that has not been burned has been warmed only by the earth’s heat before it was extracted and faceted. The unheated sapphires will have a highly vibrant hue that will include inclusions, similar to those seen in diamonds. These unheated variants are so difficult to come by, contributing significantly to their high value.


Suppose you want something different than a diamond engagement ring. If you appreciate the sapphire’s significance and want a meaningful engagement, a sapphire engagement ring is an option.