December 2, 2023


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RecordCast, Video Editor to Create Tutorials Easily

screencast o matic

screencast o matic

screencast o matic: If you want to try new tools to make videos, and generate tutorials and other material that hooks your audiences, we invite you to know RecordCast.

Thanks to technology, our audience is much more connected and available to enjoy the new content in a fast and innovative way. For this reason, to keep up with the immediacy of current times, it is necessary to be constantly updated with the available tools to streamline our creative processes and thus optimize time, without affecting the quality of what you will deliver to your client.

One of the solutions is RecordCast, a video editor that will change the way you create audiovisual recordings. This tool allows you to easily and practically record videos of your screen, practically with a single click.

Why use RecordCast video editor?

If you need to be convinced, here are six reasons why you should start using RecordCast video editor with your communications team.

1. It is easy to use

You don’t need endless steps to learn how to use it. You just have to create your username with your email or use your Google or Facebook accounts credentials. The rest of the steps are learned almost intuitively, so in minutes you can create your first video, avoiding the long hours of previous training to learn how to use the software.

2. It’s a web-based tool

To create a screencast, you don’t have to install anything, and that’s the beauty of RecordCast. Usually, the applications to make videos of the movements of our screen slow down the whole PC. If we do not have powerful hardware, 99% of the time, they are jerky. Available for Windows and macOS, RecordCast is complete both for working with videos on your desktop and editing videos in general.

3. You can choose how to record

You can record the content of your webcam, the desktop of your computer, or combine both contents. As for the recording content, you can choose three preview sizes: record the entire screen (full desktop) Chrome tab or choose an application window. You can add the audio from your PC’s microphone or disable this option in addition to the image. screencast o matic

4. It is multifunctional

RecordCast video is a multifunctional tool that facilitates the creative process. You can use it to record a tutorial, a talk, and even show a product demo.

screencast o matic

5. Optimize your time

Does it happen to you that you waste a lot of time sending a series of emails to your client to find out what he thinks about a change? Or does he just not answer them, and you have to call him a thousand times to get him to answer you? RecordCast makes this process easy and gives you time back.

You can send the test video to your client through social networks – like WhatsApp – and thus avoid meetings or endless conversations that only slow down the final delivery. The customer can check the video you sent them for countless viewings. screencast o matic

6. It’s free

Yes, this is how you read it. It’s free! You can record up to 30 minutes videos and store eight videos on its server.

If you want to record video to create tutorials, you can turn to RecordCast, which is the program that you use to quickly record and edit videos. Without a doubt, it is a very interesting option to save time writing emails in which the problem is not easily understood.

Do you use RecordCast? Is it useful for you? If you think this article is helpful, please share it. screencast o matic

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