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Renting the Right Model of the Washing Machine as Per Your Area of the Home

rent a washing machine

rent a washing machine

Rent a washing machine: If you are like most families today, you probably do not have a lot of time to devote to keeping your washing machine clean. You work long hours and struggle to squeeze in a quick wash and a dryer every night. Unfortunately, washing machines tend to be very complex pieces of machinery and they need to be maintained by experienced technicians who know all the different parts inside and out. If you are one of these busy households, it is important that you learn some simple washing machine maintenance tips to make sure your machine is functioning properly.

The most important part of any washing machine is the water tank. This is where your washing machine’s water is stored and it should never be filled with dirty water or dirt. Every time you use your machine to make sure that it is filling up with water that is clean, you are actually voiding your warranty. It would be a good idea to fill the water tank only once a month and empty it right before you plan on using it again.

Every household has different laundry requirements. As a result, every homeowner needs to consider different factors when it comes to buying a washing machine. For some homeowners, space is an issue. On the other hand, some people consider the budget more important. To help you buy the right model of Washing machine that best suits your home, we have listed a few important tips below:

Washing machine dimensions

If you are trying to find out the best model that suits your home space, the depth, width, and height of the appliance are what you must consider first. The foremost answer that you need to know is how much space do you have for your appliance. 

If you are short of space, consider buying a top load fully automatic washing machine. A front-load washing machine will take more space to open in the front. Hence, if you have restricted space to allot to your machine, consider buying a top-load automatic washing machine as they are narrower and can be open from the top. When you go ahead to buy the appliance, make sure to check the model and inspect it thoroughly. You can easily find a suitable top loader washing machine on rent in Faridabad if you do a little research.

 Check all dimensions of a typical front loader and top loader washing machine and then make a choice. Be more mindful when you are measuring the dimensions, because even a millimeter of difference can cause a big problem if your space is limited. No matter you are choosing a front loader or a top loader machine, make sure you have a gap of at least 2.5 cm on both sides to let the machine breathe and operate freely. 

Washing machine’s capacity

Now, when it comes to the size of the machine, you need to consider how big your family is and the quantity of household laundry you will be having. There are a variety of washing machine sizes that are available, catering to different household requirements. Talking about a washing machine’s capacity means how many kilos of dry laundry can it wash in every round. So obviously, if you have more family members, make sure the appliance’s washing capacity is more. 

  1. If there are four members, in your house, consider buying a washing machine with a capacity of 6 to 7 kg. 
  • If there are only two, consider buying an even smaller model. 
  • If you live in a joint family, with more than 10 people, choose a bigger machine that can wash the laundry of about 9 to 10 people together. 
  • To keep children safe from this appliance, you can even look for washing machines that have child lock functions. 

When you go to buy a washing machine from any professional dealer, don’t stop by a smaller model only because of its price. Often low-cost items aren’t good in quality. So if you bring that home, it will cost you more in the long run. Also, you need to take care of the washing machine like any other electrical appliance to elongate its longevity. Clean it every month using diluted, mild cleaning solutions. Apart from washing machines, even a fridge is an important part of our daily lives. You can easily get an affordable fridge on rent in Faridabad

Another very important aspect of machine maintenance is checking the washer load. This is a gauge that marks the amount of water that your machine is capable of moving at any given time. You do not want to be washing a huge load every night but if you notice a slow increase in the amount of water that your machine can handle, you may want to increase the size of your drum or you may simply have a clogged drain. This is just one of the ways that your washing machine maintenance service technician will suggest fix your machine.

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