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How to become an RPA developer?

RPA Developer

RPA Developer

RPA developer: Did you order a product online and receive an email notification or complete an online job application? If so, then you have been exposed to the technology known as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). But what exactly is RPA?

RPA simply enables you to configure software “robots” to capture data and perform routine tasks, from automated emails to simplifying process flows or business operations. RPA is not only easy to use, but it offers a number of benefits, such as increased efficiency and better customer service.

Now that you have an idea of ​​what RPA is, you may be wondering what kind of career path is available to someone interested in this intriguing and rewarding field. One of the many RPA career opportunities available is that of an RPA developer.

So what is an RPA developer?

RPA Developer
RPA Developer

Generally, an RPA developer is someone who works cross-wise with business operations and business analysts to create and optimize workflow processes. However, this is a relatively new career path and many of the organization’s formal titles for RPA developers differ. Other similar positions may use titles such as Project Designer or Automation Architect.

But regardless of title, the role of a successful RPA developer requires specific skills and good practices, such as documentation and planning. To automate a business process, an RPA developer will need to create workflow charts and strategically document the process prior to implementation.

While the responsibilities of an RPA developer can vary, someone in this role is generally responsible for designing and managing workflow automation projects. You can also be responsible for testing or correcting errors, so coding skills are important too. To be successful as an RPA developer, you must have the ability to navigate through several appropriate technologies, such as UiPath or Automation Anywhere. We will see how to get certified in these tools later.

Desirable Skills for RPA Developers

Once you know what an RPA developer is and what their roles look like, it’s time to research what skills are essential for success in this area. Below are some of the most important skills.

Strategic Planning Skills – Planning is imperative to be successful in this role. Setting design goals or initiatives for the RPA project and defining the workflow will allow for easier implementation.
Strong analytical skills: You will need to be able to analyze a process and make recommendations to improve it. Essential benefit of adopting RPA is its ability to improve workflow like using activities in uipath, As an RPA developer, you are responsible for managing the technology that does just that Automation- improves workflow.
Problem Solving Skills – Automation doesn’t always run smoothly the first time. Errors have occurred and errors will occur. We have already mentioned that you may be responsible for testing and troubleshooting. A robot’s problem-solving ability will come in handy, saving you time and stress while managing any looming crisis.
Understand programming languages – Extensive experience and knowledge of programming languages such as C / C ++, Python, Ruby, and Java (to name a few!) Is critical.
Although these are just a few of the skills you need as an RPA developer, don’t limit your skills to those listed above. Check out this article on RPA development for more skills you need to clarify to be successful in this role.

The future of RPA

RPA Developer
RPA Developer

The automation of robotic processes will not disappear; in fact, Forrester estimates that by 2021, the RPA market will reach $ 2.9 billion. Industries like healthcare, manufacturing, and retail are embracing RPA to automate tasks like debt processing, inventory management, and invoice generation. RPA continues to progress and improve the processes of those who use it correctly and will not slow down anytime soon. In fact, the better RPA, the more companies and organizations will hope to adopt it, creating more RPA professionals.

Do you have the right skills to pass the RPA developer exam? Try answering these RPA questions and find out today!
So what does this mean for the IT workforce? An increase in employment, especially of those with RPA in the skill set. A career in RPA also comes with an attractive salary. According to Indeed, the average salary for an RPA developer ranges from $ 97,166 to $ 141,261. As this is still a relatively new industry, strong RPA skills are hard to come by and highly valued.

What does an RPA developer do?

The main responsibilities of an RPA developer are to design, develop and implement software robots or robots, working with people to increase the efficiency of business processes.

A typical day involves interacting with people from various fields to understand your business challenges and find ways to streamline your processes by automating tedious and overwhelming tasks.

Business users demand the automation of repetitive processes so they can have time to work on more creative initiatives. As a developer, it’s important to ask business users about all requirement scenarios, positive and negative, and SLAs. This will help you create efficient automation solutions.

The role requires understanding the process to be automated, verifying the feasibility of automating that particular process, and, if it makes sense to do so, designing and developing the future state of that process.

Keeping bots used is part of the job, too. “Support and monitoring are required in post-development RPA,” admits Pankhuri Choudhary, RPA developer at Automation Anywhere. We need to support our Bots, as we have taken on the responsibilities of commercial users and made them independent of their repetitive work by automating them, so it is our responsibility to make sure they always work perfectly.

What skills are needed for an RPA developer?

To be successful in an RPA developer role, you must have some basic logical reasoning skills, such as loops, if / else statements, variables, and management exceptions. Basic programming knowledge also helps.

Keep in mind that there are several ways to automate a process, so you should be able to find the most efficient and effective way to do it. Patience is a major advantage, as you will likely face some challenges along the way, such as getting business users in the wrong format or having a memory problem in the virtual machine.

RPA using UiPath!

uipath is one of the most widely used RPA tools. It is used to automate redundant tasks on the Windows desktop eliminating human interference. Use the drag and drop function to perform the tasks required by the automation process. It has a standard version called UiPath Studio that has a 60-day trial period. Also, this tool comes with a community edition that you can use and access for free for life. Contains most of the features of the UiPath Studio version.

The UiPath components can be divided into two parts:
UiPath platform components
UiPath Studio component
Components of the UiPath platform:

UiPath Robot
UiPath Study
UiPath Orchestrator
UiPath Studio components:

Control Panel
Activity dashboard
Properties panel

RPA Developer Jobs!

There are several jobs available for RPA developers in the IT industry. Some of the most demanding jobs include:

RPA administrator
RPA Consultant
RPA Engineer
RPA Business Analyst

RPA Developer Salary!

RPA developers are among the highest paid professionals in the IT industry. Because most organizations automate their business processes, there is a high demand for these professionals. Because its availability does not meet the requirements and requirements of companies, RPA developers receive a comparatively good salary.

US RPA Developer Salary
According to Indeed, in the United States, the average annual income for entry-level RPA developers is $ 63. However, experienced RPA developers are paid up to $ 99 million a year.

RPA Developer Salary in India
According to Glassdoor, the average salary for RPA professionals in India is about 776 thousand lei per year. Based on experience, the average annual salary could go up to $ 1,200k.

The future of RPA developers

RPA Developer
RPA Developer

RPA aims to replace various mundane manual jobs with robots that will help organizations reduce manual requirements. This automation reduces the operating costs of companies and also helps reduce technology gaps. It also delivers timely business results, improves revenue, and provides an elusive customer experience. It is the future of the IT industry.

In addition, he understood the different roles and responsibilities of this profession. In addition, you have learned about the various skills you need to obtain this job profile.

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