Apple’s New :Apple Glass

Apple Glass

Apple Glass

Apple’s next wearable product may be glasses called “Apple Glass”. Just as the Apple Watch revolutionized behavior, these augmented reality glasses can change the way we interact with the world around us. As the product has been rumored for years, details of the final model, price, and release date have become known. However, glasses will be a difficult sale for consumers as the pitiful mistake that was Google Glass is still in our memory.

● The rumor of the start in 2021
● Plastic or metal frame
● Information on both lenses is displayed
● iPhone depending on data
● No cameras, only LiDAR
● Keep it fashionable, not “geeky”
● Gesture checks are expected
● User interface called starboard
● Available destinations
● It can cost $ 499

If you believe in the safety of fiction, the future of usability has always been an augmented reality. Apple could very well achieve its future with a portable head screen called “Apple Glass”.(also read The uniform remote control application turns your Android into a PC controller)

Rumors of “Apple Glass” features

There have been rumors of AR glasses that can be worn for years, but until recently, very few coins have leaked out. Patent registrations were still the best source of information and show some promising features for an Apple headset.

The following features are a combination of rumors, patents, and leaks that represent our best aspect of “Apple Glass”.


No photos of the actual design have been leaked, but it is rumored that Apple wants these glasses to look fashionable and affordable. The Apple Watch is a good place to find out how Apple deals with portable design – subtle, but obviously a technological part.

Much of what has been shown in patents looks like goggles, although these are prototypes designed to illustrate the patent, not the product. In the end, “Apple Glass” may look like average glasses, but there is no way to know until an official comes out.(also read Do You Know Why Phones are heavy ?)

Patent drawing with information on glasses

Patent drawing with “holographic display” on glasses
Designing a technology product that users want to wear on their face is no easy task. The style, color, and uniform shape of the lens will make or break most buying decisions, and Apple is a company known for a unique approach to all of its products.

Jon Prosser saw the early prototypes of the glasses and called them “elegant”, although they are now made of plastic. He says it should be released sometime in 2021, which contradicts analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who said the glasses won’t be released before 2022.

A new rumor came from Prosser on May 21 when he said there will be a range of “Heritage Edition” glasses that are designed to look like what Steve Jobs wears. This doesn’t seem to be anywhere, and even Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman felt the need to intervene and say that all the rumors had been wrong so far.

According to Gurman, there are two different devices, as AppleInsider has reported over the years, one is the supposed glasses and the other an AR headset. Prosser agrees that there are two devices, but does not agree with Gurman’s long-term launch plan for 2023 for glasses.

Processing capabilities and battery life

Wireless signals, smart screens, microphones, powerful processors and LiDAR are added to a device that requires a large battery. If Apple wants a device that everyone wants to wear, it not only has to look good, it also has to be high performing. A massive battery and a hot processor won’t make it, so Apple has to find a balance.

One aspect that Apple can reduce is computing power. As with the first generation Apple Watch, smart glasses can rely on the iPhone for all processing requirements and only serve as a display for this information.

The concept of the mating process from iSpazio on Instagram

The concept of the “Apple Glass” pairing process from iSpazio on Instagram
By transferring information from your phone to your glasses, Apple dramatically reduces local processing. You just have to take care of the power supply for your monitor and your sensors. Their starting rumor is in late 2021 or early 2022, so the technology that enables thin and light AR glasses could mature by then.http://Appleinsider

Jony Ive once said that a product could take years to develop and waited for the technology to be up to date with the idea

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