December 8, 2023


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Seven tips for staying safe while travelling abroad this summer

summer travel tips

summer travel tips

Summer travel tips: Travellers don’t have to put things on hold during the holiday season just because of Covid. Here’s a definitive guide on how we can carry on enjoying life while staying safe this summer.

Plan ahead

In the pre-planning of your holiday be aware of the UK Government’s Traffic Light System of destinations. These are split into Red, Amber and Green, with the additional Green Watchlist and Amber Plus. Red List countries should NOT be visited for leisure purposes at all. Also, keep a close eye on those that fall into the Amber Plus category. They could be downgraded to Red at very short notice. You could be left high and dry or at least face the strictest of quarantine measures on your return to the UK. Again, think twice about visiting Amber only countries. Yet again, these destinations are being observed all the time for any rise in infection which may downgrade them. Green countries, and to a point Green Watch countries are the safest to visit. If a Green Watch country were to switch to amber while you are away, quarantine is still very much avoidable. Another thing that needs to be planned ahead is your accommodation. If you and your family or friends plan to visit the wonderful town of Mykonos, you should look for the best villas to stay in Mykonos that offers great service and incredible view.

Get tested

Get tested before leaving the UK. A Covid-19 test is mandatory wherever your destination. You will also be required to take a test before you depart to come home and one on arrival into the UK. There are also additional tests that can be bought from government-registered suppliers such as Medicspot, including the Fit to Fly Test polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Above all, make sure you have had both UK approved vaccinations or you may be left stranded. Be aware of the exact rules on any given destination, both outward bound and inward bound to avoid hefty fines.

Be mindful when you pack

When packing your suitcase you need to make sure you have all the basics to help prevent infection. This includes adding facemasks, gloves, hand sanitiser and preferably a thermometer to your list. Stock up on essential groceries and healthcare products that you may need before leaving the UK, especially if you are travelling to a country on a watch list, or staying somewhere remote or away from essential stores.

Day 2 & Day 8 – and don’t be late!

If in quarantine or self-isolation having come back from an at-risk country, additional Covid tests are compulsory on or before day two and on day eight after you arrive back in the UK. The day you arrive back will be day zero. If the test should come back positive then you’ll need to quarantine until day 13. A negative result will mean that you will still have to test again on day 8 of your quarantine period. This is in case infection has taken a length of time to surface.

Get yourself clued up about your destination

Many countries and territories may have vastly different rules to the UK. So before leaving for your destination make sure you have checked thoroughly a destination’s rules and regulations. And if you plan to cross borders while away, don’t forget to check each destination. Excursions and attractions should be booked in advance and insurance in place in case they are cancelled or postponed. Social distancing may well mean they have reduced capacity. summer travel tips

Be aware of possible delays

In these uncertain times you may well experience delays in everything from flights, trains and even car hire. Even booking in advance does not necessarily mean you won’t be hit by the unexpected. So make sure youhave plenty ofentertainment for the kids – and a contingency plan!

Consider a staycation

What’s up with here in the UK? We’re having some beautiful weather, there’s loads of places to stay and things to do – and you’ll be helping the economy get back on its feet after a tumultuous 18 months. Give our pubs, restaurants, theme parks and leisure facilities a much-need injection of cash. summer travel tips

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