September 30, 2023

ShiftCam Progrip Review !

shiftcam progrip mesh

shiftcam progrip mesh

Shiftcam progrip mesh: The quality of the images smartphones can take is constantly improving, but in the meantime it could be argued that ergonomics have stagnated or deteriorated and this is where the ShiftCam ProGrip comes to the rescue.
It’s not that phones didn’t have handles in the past. LG is arguably the most ambitious since 2016 when it took a modular approach with the G5 and one of the fixtures was the pen. The concept never caught on, but the idea behind it never died and ShiftCam strives to be ambitious.

ProGrip doesn’t discriminate by platform – iOS and Android users are basically the same. The contrasts are actually in areas that will surprise you, and the value proposition here doesn’t always have to involve your hands.

Design and construction

People often shoot their portraits in portrait or landscape mode, so the ProGrip grip system flexes that way. It’s not mechanical like a motorized gimbal, so you’ll have to rotate it manually to your liking. This will give you a satisfying click to confirm that you’ve done everything right, and the orientation will always be clockwise to go to the picture and counterclockwise to go to the landscape

ShiftCam took a strategic approach by setting the clip width to about three inches, which is an obvious match for many phones that have been around for years not every phone uses these dimensions as some phones are too small or slippery. I noticed it immediately when I was trying to shoot with the iPhone 13 Pro. While the ProGrip box has a solution, it’s useless without a case: two silicone strips on either side of the clips create a cushion for holding the small phone in. This secures the clips through drilled holes, helping to keep everything secure.
If you have a thick enough case you don’t need to use them at all. This applies to the iPhone 13 Pro, but not the 13 mini, which also requires straps with the case. There are also small rubber plugs for the curved-edged panels that slide out of the clip. The maximum clamping radius is 3.54 inches, which is enough to support larger phones like iPhone 13 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Vivo X80 Pro. The spring mechanism isn’t particularly flexible, but I had no problem getting the phone in and out at a clip.
The grip has a physical shutter button that connects to your phone via Bluetooth. Click on it and take a photo with your iPhone or Android phone. While holding it, during burst shooting on your Android device, start video recording on your iPhone. I can’t find a way to change or customize these settings.

How about charging?

Battery life has been less of an issue for the iPhone, though it’s always nice to add some juice on the go. The ShiftCam ProGrip offers 15W wireless charging that you can easily turn on and off. Use the 20W USB-C port to recharge your device or extend the battery life of your AirPods and other connected accessories. If necessary, parallel charging is possible for both the ShiftCam ProGrip and accessories. Inside is a 6400 mAh power bank.

The ShiftCam ProGrip also doubles as a wireless charging station in portrait mode. This position offers a 75-degree field of view, ideal for hands-free video recording, video calls, and everyday iPhone viewing while sitting at your desk

ShiftCam says the battery can “capture 3x more content” thanks to the iPhone alone. I’m not sure where he got this number from or what type of smartphone was used during the test. Unofficially, let’s just say that the ShiftCam ProGrip is a great way to improve your battery life when you’re away from home and its power outlets!

As you can tell from the star rating in this review, there is very little I don’t like about the ShiftCam ProGrip. My only caveat is the inability to store both the ShiftCam ProGrip and iPhone in the included case. Since the accessory works with smartphones of different sizes, this limitation makes sense from an engineering standpoint, but is still disappointing.

Also, some people have a problem with its value, and probably rightly so.

The best iPhone charging cases start at about $30, which suggests that the generic ShiftCam ProGrip is too expensive for the average user. I would say the best figure is $100. In addition to saving users money, several accessories make the ShiftCam ProGrip even more attractive at this price point.

The affordable ProLens and ProLED start at $90 each. This makes the ShiftCam ProGrip system very expensive by adding just a few items to your cart. (Comes with at least an accessory tripod and accessory socket.)

My only caveat is the inability to store both the ShiftCam ProGrip and iPhone in the included case.

Those two points aside, the ShiftCam ProGrip is a great accessory for tasks with and without add-ons, which I hope to review soon.

Is it worth buying?

Yes, if you think your mobile photography game can help you. The ProGrip really changes the way you shoot photos and videos with the durable ergonomics you provide. At $150 for a starter kit it’s also a good value compared to alternatives.