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shopify instagram

shopify instagram

Shopify instagram: When it comes to the most attractive and engaging feeds amongst all social media platforms, Instagram holds the pole position. And that is simply because of its focus on visual-based content. Visual-based content has always been people’s favorite as they are vibrant, informative, and fresh in mind.

At the same time, Shopify witnessed tremendous growth in the past few years and has over 500,000 active stores on the platform, making it the best commerce platform. So imagine the results your business can generate after combining two superior platforms and how it will be beneficial for you.. Seems worthy, right? And this is where the Shopify Instagram feed app jumps in to add Instagram feed to Shopify stores.

What is a Shopify Instagram feed app?

Shopify Instagram apps are amazing tools that help you gather Instagram feeds and display them beautifully on your website. 

These apps collect feeds using hashtags, mentions, handles, etc., keeping the feed relevant and related to your business.

As we all know, Instagram users are very creative people and often display their creativity in their posts and content. The app provides you with the opportunity to use this creativity for business by featuring them on your Shopify website.

add Instagram feed on the Shopify website might sound like a complex process, but it isn’t. People without coding experience or knowledge can easily install apps and operate them. 

If you are thinking, easy process and easy usage means compromise in quality. Then allow us to burst your thought bubble and provide you with a list of some of the major benefits of using these Shopify Instagram feed apps.

Benefits of Using Shopify Instagram feed app

  • Adds vibrancy to your website

Images, videos and GIFs add vibrancy and liveliness on a website, and as Instagram is a hub for these visual-based contents, by embedding them on your shopify website, you can enhance the beauty of your store.

In this digital era, people always prefer visiting a vibrant website as it creates a positive impression. And as we all know, creating a good impression plays a vital role for a business. Also, it encourages visitors to stay on the website and explore. 

  • Increases engagement

Instagram contents are user-generated content and hence holds more relevance to people, as they are genuine, entertaining, and engaging. Therefore, people always prefer viewing them. And by embedding them on the Shopify website, you eventually increase the user engagement on your website. 

Moreover, many apps provide scrollable feed, making your website interactive. With the auto-loading option, the visitor can scroll through the feed and look at several contents imported from Instagram. Also, posts and content provide visitors with information about the brand or product, which helps them in their decision-making. Moreover, most apps refresh the feed automatically, which means your visitors get all the latest content without manually refreshing the feed. This auto-update has another added advantage as it saves your time manually refreshing the feed.

  • Increases website traffic 

As mentioned above, a vibrant and engaging website attracts people as it enhances their browsing experience. An engaging feed encourages people to stay on the website. Eventually, it increases website traffic. And how is that beneficial? Website traffic helps your website to get a better ranking on search engines. So, whenever anyone searches anything related to your business, the search engine will suggest your website to that user. Which eventually increases brand recognition.

  • Provides social proof to visitors

People often use Instagram to post pictures with the product or upload videos while explaining the product, providing their opinions, etc. The app collects all these posts and displays them on the website, creating social proof for your visitor. 

People always look for social proof and reviews before making a purchase. By providing them with social proofs and reviews on your website, you save their time. This eventually enhances brand reputation, as you appear transparent in front of visitors by providing them with reviews and considerate for visitors by saving their time.

  • Boost User-generated content

User-generated content is marketing gold. It works like mouth publicity that increases brand recognition and boosts the reach. One way to encourage people to post more content related to your brand is by featuring them on your website. People feel valued when a brand displays its content on its website. And at the same time, it develops a cycle, where people make content for the business to get a feature.

And as people make content for a brand, their connections get to know about the brand. Hence, it is a win-win situation, which expands the brand’s reach and at the same time makes people respected after getting a feature from the brand.

Even reviews and feedback by users come under UGC. By adding Instagram feed to Shopify website, you develop strong customer-brand relations as it shows that you care about your customers and their feedback. 

A customer feels honored when brands consider their opinions and as mentioned above, it even increases the brand’s reputation as they appear transparent by showing customer feedback. Moreover, it also starts a review cycle where customers feel encouraged to share their opinions on a particular product or brand.

Summing It Up

Every day a new eStore comes into existence to capture more audience and acquire sales. And hence, to stay relevant in this competitive world, you need the X-factor that attracts audiences to your store. And since a long time, visual content has been successful in gathering the audience’s attention. Therefore, integrating your Shopify store with Instagram is a smart strategy that makes your website attractive and helps you win more customers.

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