Singapore’s Malaysian Garden by the Bay is here!

malaysia bay movies

malaysia bay movies

Malaysia bay movies: On August 27, 2022, National Geographic UK went viral after posting a photo of beautiful gardens by the bay

The beach is in Singapore, not Malaysia!

Lucas Folia’s photo went viral, not because it was pretty, but because National Geographic UK mistakenly claimed that Singapore was in a Malaysian garden!

Gardens by the Bay is in Singapore, not Malaysia. More importantly, Singapore and Malaysia are two different countries.

Unless the Nat Geo UK editors are confused, Singapore was part of Malaysia until it was split on 9 August 1965. Here are some historical facts about that fateful day…
Many users from Singapore and Malaysia have criticized Nat Jio UK. Here are serious and funny answers to the National Geographic UK satire.

Check out East Bay Beach

Shark Bay Beach Langkawi is one of the most famous and beautiful beaches in Malaysia. It is known as Teluk Ye which translates to Shark Bay and you will be amazed how many sharks live in the waters of this beach. Surprisingly, there are no real sharks on the shores of Shark Bay. It got its name because there are several stone sharks.

The waters off the coast of Shark Bay are very calm and clear. Although the bay area is not long and is considered the length of Black Sand Beach, it is the perfect place for a family beach holiday. The water is also very shallow, allowing you to easily swim in the cool water and relax on the beautiful golden-white sand beaches. There are also various food stalls and seafood vendors along the beach, where you can enjoy Malaysian delicacies. malaysia bay movies

In short, there are plenty of activities to enjoy with friends and family at this beach, from swimming in the clear blue water to picnicking. So if you’re looking for an ideal tropical vacation with the family, this destination should definitely be at the top of your list! malaysia bay movies

Travel restrictions

Countries around the world continue to relax or ease travel restrictions. Two parts of Southeast Asia, Malaysia and the Gulf of Thailand, are gradually reopening.

Today, 15 November 2021, Malaysia has partially opened its borders to fully vaccinated tourists. Lawmakers decided to gradually reopen the peninsula’s borders because of a steady decline in the infection rate and a steady increase in vaccination rates. Over 76% of the Malaysian population is now fully vaccinated. To date, most non-essential travelers are barred from entering the country and fully vaccinated travelers are required to test negative for COVID-19 and be quarantined for at least seven days upon arrival.

Incoming tourists can only visit Langkawi Island and the tropical archipelago is open to travel without quarantine for fully vaccinated tourists. Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Akakob said in a statement on Friday that, among other requirements, visitors must be fully vaccinated and stay in Langkawi for at least seven days before traveling to other parts of Malaysia, Lonely Planet reported. After reopening Langkawi, the country plans to start more tours with Singapore on November 29. It will allow unrestricted travel between the two countries for people fully vaccinated against COVID-19. malaysia bay movies


Two weak openings bring tourism back. Malaysia will reopen to fully vaccinated tourists on January 1, 2022. But it won’t be the only tropical destination opening in Southeast Asia on January 1, neither will Maya Bay in Thailand or the idyllic island from Leonardo’s The Beach in early 2000. DiCaprio will be. Open to tourists at the beginning of the new year.

While the rest of Thailand will reopen to tourists on November 1, 2021, Maya Bay will be closed for reasons unrelated to the pandemic. The island is closed due to ongoing renovations. According to CNN, Natural Resources and Environment Minister Waraut Silpa-Arka said: “Maya Bay continues to attract interest from tourists from all over the world. But it (the natural area) has particularly suffered from coral loss. After the closure, it remains in good condition until today. Today, Botlu Bay , but the number of beaches in Maya Bay is limited. Visitors can still see the beach from their boats and permitted ice.

Travelers from all parts of Thailand must comply with the updated COVID-19 requirements. Arriving tourists should stay for one night only in a government-approved hotel while awaiting the results of their Covid-19 test. Travelers who are not fully vaccinated with an approved vaccine should self-quarantine in a government-approved hotel for 10 days after arrival.


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