Some Important Traits You Should Know About Cisco CCIE Enterprise Wireless Certification Before Pursuing It

cisco ccie

cisco ccie

CCIE Enterprise wireless certification validates students’ skills and knowledge in multifaceted wireless solutions. There are two tests they have to pass to get this credentials. These include qualification tests that focus on company core technology and direct examinations that include company wireless networks from the design phase and deployment to operation and optimize the entire network life cycle.

The does not have formal prerequisites. So, you shouldn’t get CCNA or CCNP before pursuing this expert level credentials. Although there are no official requirements, many potential candidates have an experience of around 5-7 years that focus on design, deployment, optimizing, and operating company wireless solutions and technology. The most important thing for you, do you have these years to show off or not, is to develop competencies in the topic of the exam before you try to take a prerequisite test.

In this post, we will see all the details you need to know and understand to get the CCIE wireless badge company. Therefore, let’s start!

How do you get Cisco Ccie’s wireless certification?

There are two steps along the way to successfully complete the certification process. The first is the 200-301 CCNA premium that gives you a great basic knowledge of Cisco Enterprise Network Core technology and evaluates your skills in this domain. Just like most Cisco tests now, you will get individual certificates after passing this exam. Thus, it is possible to get some badges when you take the Cisco test. So, on this road, you can get three credentials in total: CISCO certified specialists – core companies, wireless CCIE companies, and CCNP companies. The second step is to pass the 8-hour practical exam that focuses on various stages of complex wireless networks. Let’s see all the details you have to know about these two tests.

Cisco 350-401 Encor.

This qualification test evaluates the knowledge and skills of applicants in the implementation of core corporate network technology. All in all, they need to master 6 main domains that include automation, virtualization, security, architecture, network guarantees, and infrastructure. The details of the test topic and components can be found on the official website. Please note also that this test requires answers around 100 questions within 120 minutes.

CCIE Enterprise Wireless V1.0

The direct exam, you must explore the following domains: Cable Cable companies and wireless networks, radio frequencies and standards, wireless identity and security management, guarantees, analysis, service and wireless applications.

Cisco CCNP Enterprise Premium Test consists of two modules with a fixed time and sent in a certain order. The ONE module includes the design stage, and the time allocated for the settlement is three hours. The second module includes the task of deployment, operation, and optimization. The deadline is five hours. It is important to mention that your knowledge of network automation and programmability is covered under both modules. You must understand that you will not be able to retreat and advance among these modules. Therefore, make sure that you have finished the first with your best ability before moving to the next.

What’s next after getting CCIE CCIE CCIE wireless certification?

CCIE Enterprise wireless certification is important to mention that CCIE credentials are valid for 3 years. If your status will end soon, you must be re-certified before this three years passed. This process is an integral part of the Cisco certification program. This shows that you constantly follow the latest technology trends. It also validates your skills and knowledge at a comprehensive level of the original exam.

Candidates can be re-certified in several ways. For example, they can do it by taking a special test, completing the Cisco sustainable education program, or go for a combination of both. Continuing education activities include taking and completing online or instructor training courses, attending the Cisco direct training session, etc. You need to get 120 CE credits in total. In addition, you can pass the expert level exam, take the Cisco Devnet Associate Premium-Lab test, sit for three professional concentration tests, or pass only one of them along with technology core tests. To combine the two options, you must follow one core examination and reach 40 CE credits or pass two professional concentration tests in addition to the amount of CE credit mentioned. Or, you can follow one concentration check and get 80 CE credit.


As you can see, the certification process only consists of two steps, but you must not forget the preparation stage. That is why get the best study material you need for your preparation process, mentally and physically preparing a prerequisite exam, graduating with high yields, and getting the Cisco CCNP 300-425 Enwlsd premium file that is popular among most companies.

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