December 3, 2023


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Some Things to Know About Gadsden Flags    

Christopher Gadsden Flag

Christopher Gadsden Flag

Christopher Gadsden Flag: American history is fascinating and enriching. It is the presence of many states and cultures of different ethnicities that make the history of this country so rich and intriguing.

Throughout the history of the United States, there have been many important figures who have represented different interests. One thing that is common in today’s world with the past is the love for the nation and how people express it.

Flags have been the most common choice out of all the ways to show one’s support or belief in specific values or ideas. You can hoist flags outside your house, on your cars, inside your home, and in many other places. Depending on the flag you choose to hoist, you get to display your passions, beliefs, and interest to the world.

In many parts of the country, people put the Gadsden Flag outside their homes, on their vehicles, and use them in political rallies to symbolize liberty and freedom.

So, here are some things about the Gadsden flag that you need to know.

The Meaning of the Gadsden Flag

You might have seen Gadsden flags in many residents and various other properties. It is typically a flag wherein you will see a rattlesnake over a yellow background with the phrase ‘don’t tread on me’ written under it. This flag has been gaining popularity in recent years, as you must have seen it in many political rallies, protests, and other such events.

The Origin

Historically, the origin of the flag dates back to the time when the thirteen original colonies were established in the country. It symbolized the colonists’ spirits and showed that they would not bow down to the British invasion. This is why a rattlesnake is an ideal symbol for the flag, as the snake stands its ground when facing a threat.

It was published in the Pennsylvania Journal that a rattlesnake is an ideal symbol for the thirteen colonies; the Continental Congress even recognized it. Congress recognized the rattlesnake symbol by approving it with their seal of the war office.

However, the earlier version of the flag had a rattlesnake, with a different slogan beneath, as the flag read, ‘This we’ll defend.’

The Gadsden flags that you see today are a modernized version of the old flag with an updated slogan. But, the snake and the overall color scheme remain the same.

Christopher Gadsden Flag

The actual name of the flag is dedicated to its designer, Christopher Gadsden.

Christopher Gadsden was born in Charleston, South Carolina, and served as a politician and military general in the American Revolution.Initially designed, the flag was only popular in South Carolina, as the general proudly displayed the flag throughout his hometown.

Historians believe this flag was majorly inspired by the first navy jack, which also displayed the same slogan.

Besides the slogan, the main differentiation from the navy jack flag is that the rattlesnake in the modern version is in a strike position rather than being uncoiled.

Variation of the flag

A flag variation is also used in many parts of the states. Herein, along with the color yellow, black is also used. A diagonal line divides the upper left and lower right of the flag in yellow and black, respectively.

The black color reflects Anarchy, and yellow, on the other hand, represents gold.

Use of the Flag

While you can use the flag any way you please, mainly, it is used against intolerance and hate.

Recently in a political rally, people were seen hoisting the flag to stand up against the people pressing down on others.  

While this flag is mainly a revolutionary war flag, the modern world application of the flag portrays personal freedom and individualism. It is a popular prop used widely by many across the country to voice different opinions.

So, this was some of the information regarding the Gadsden flag that you need to know. If you are too intrigued by the rich history of this flag and wish to own one, you can look up popular stores online and make your purchase.