Steps to choose the best fingerprint time attendance system

fingerprint time attendance system

fingerprint time attendance system

Every fingerprint is unique. No two fingers on the individuals are the same. Installing a fingerprint time attendance system is the best way to record attendance. This system is also known as a biometric attendance system. This will ensure that discipline because no other person can punch in attendance for others, so the employees will be on time every day. This will also avoid any discrepancy on payday by giving you 100% transparent records.

With so many options in the market, it becomes difficult to choose one. Reputed companies offer many features and benefits to choose from, but what are the most basic ones to look for?

Below are some of the factors that will help you in choosing a fingerprint time attendance system as per your requirements:

  • Security

The fingerprint attendance management system is a highly advanced one. You can have a system with additional features like a PIN or a retina scanner. If you have a smaller organisation, you can go for fingerprint scanner only. If your organisation deals with sensitive information, government or military information, you can go for fingerprint with retina scanner.

  • Storage capacity

Every software has its limit to store data. So depending on the number of employees in your organisation, you will have to choose the capacity of the fingerprint time attendance system. If you have 1000 employees, then look for a system that can store 5000 employee data so that everything is recorded and nothing is left out.

  • Access control

The fingerprint time attendance system helps in recording attendance and helps in restricting the entry of any unauthorised person. Many organisations have points in the building where they do not allow every employee to enter, for instance, accounts department; unless the person is registered under the department, they will not enter.

  • Durability

The fingerprint time attendance system will be used by all your employees every day and multiple times in one day, so choose a biometrics scanner that provides a scratch-free surface. This will ensure that the fingerprint is scanned accurately.

  • Multiple offices

Suppose you have offices in multiple locations and any employees working between 2 different location offices. In that case, you will need a fingerprint attendance system that will record the employee’s attendance from different locations. The system is connected to the main server in the head office where the data is collected in one place.

  • Sensitivity

You do not want employees to line up in front of the fingerprint attendance system to record their attendance because the biometrics sensor is very slow. Hence, it’s important that you choose a highly efficient system and quickly detects the system. Select a system that has high sensitivity; this will allow quick scanning of fingerprints and save time.

  • Customer support

Easy to use, easy to install and easy to understand. The fingerprint attendance system does not require any training. At the end of the biometric system is an electronic device, and it can malfunction without any prior warning. Look for reputed companies that will provide 24*7 customer support and has the option of either online or chat support.


The fingerprint time attendance system can be made as per your requirements. It is always recommended to look for companies that have established themselves in the market over the years and have good customer reviews. If you have any doubts about the customer service of the company and get answers to your questions. They will also schedule an inspection of your workplace to understand how many employees you have, how many offices you have and how many biometrics do you need and then provide you with the options and the total cost, including the service fee and installation charges

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