September 22, 2023

Style and Protection: The Best MacBook Cases For Your Device 

macbook cases 13 inch

macbook cases 13 inch

Apple’s MacBook is the most popular offering by the tech giant featuring some of the best capabilities. They are not just efficient and powerful devices but also durable. And if you are wise enough to invest in a MacBook case, you only add to the device’s lifespan; rest easy knowing that your device is protected from damages caused due to everyday accidents. 

The best MacBook case will increase your device’s lifespan and offer it the much-required style dose. From padded to easy-to-attach carrying cases, you can choose from many options to safeguard your tech on the go. Finding it intimidating to choose one from the end number of MacBook cases available out there? Read on to make the process easier: 

1. Matte Black MacBook Air-Pro Case + Free Keyboard Cover 

Made of polycarbonate material, this durable and flexible hard plastic case with overall protection is one of the best MacBook cases in the market. Its no-cut-out design lets you open and close your MacBook easily with access to all the ports. This easy-grip cover with the Apple logo offers excellent portability and is quite convenient to remove as required.  

You can get it in 4 different sizes – 13 inches, 13.6 inches, 14 inches, and 16 inches along with a keyboard cover. This sturdy case’s matte/rubberized surface offers good protection for your MacBook from dust and scratches. 

2. RS_231 White with Apple Cut Out Logo MacBook Case + Free Keyboard Cover 

This hard case with an Apple cut-out logo is easy to install without affecting your MacBook. Made using superior quality dura-Flex plastic, this 13.6 inches cover features a rubber coating on the surface and is excellent for protecting against moisture, scratches, dust, and dents.  

You get this ideal case for MacBook Pro 13 in different options, from minimalist and clear to maximalist and colorful, based on your preference. 

3. KECC MacBook Pro Case 

Available in 26 varied colors and designs, the KECC MacBook hardshell case is bound to suit various preferences and tastes, from colorful and loud options, like floral, unique, and fantasy designs, to more conservative varieties, such as lavender gray and matte black.  

This premium quality MacBook case features rubber oil paint coating in its smooth exterior, preventing slipping, fingerprints, drops, scratches, smudges, dirt, and other damages. 

Available in a cut-out design with the Apple logo shining through it, the case offers easy access to all drives and ports; it plugs your hard drive, headphones, and charger without the need to remove it. The ultra-slim design and light weight of the case make it easy to carry in a bag and access on the go.  

The exclusive bottom design featuring two rows of ventilation allows safe heat disbursement helping your laptop stay cool even in hot temperatures. Plus, four anti-slip silicone feet keep the MacBook firmly in place. 

What’s more? You also get a laptop sleeve and keyboard cover with this case to ensure your laptop remains always protected. 

4. EooCo Crystal Clear MacBook Pro Case 

If you want something minimalist, the EooCo crystal-clear MacBook case is for you. It snaps onto your laptop quickly, safeguarding it against scuff marks and nicks while highlighting its sleek design. The package includes screen protection and a keyboard cover for added security. 

5. Cissook Black Astronaut Case Compatible with MacBook Pro 13 Inch 

One of the best MacBook cases for students or anyone looking to display their personality, the Cissook Black Astronaut case looks classy too. Available with snap-on pieces, this easy-to-install case offers you access to all vents and key ports. You may find several designs in this category, but the astronaut’s blend of sleekness and accessibility is the best. 

6. Incase Hardshell in Woolenex 

Gorgeous and stylish, the Incase hardshell case in Woolenex offers great protection. This premium-looking, sleek case provides the best of practicality and style. It barely adds extra weight or size to your MacBook, so you can easily carry it in and out.  

7. ProCase MacBook Pro 13 Case 

This MacBook Pro 13 case from ProCase is a great value product and is available in several colors, and features a non-rugged surface. Weighing practically nothing at just 1.2mm thickness, it is perfect for portability and scratch protection. This case in easy-to-use snap-on design also comes with an added keyboard cover to prevent damage from liquid spills and dust. 

8. Urban Armor Gear Feather-Light MacBook Pro Rugged Case 

Looking for a MacBook case with excellent protection and an understated and minimalist design? The UAG MacBook Pro Rugged Case will be the right choice. The case offers solid, all-around protection against bruises and bumps and impact-resistant corner protection when the MacBook tumbles.  

And it provides all these benefits without being over-designed and over-weighted. Additionally, UAG claims its MacBook Pro case has passed several MIL-SPEC 810G standard drop-test levels used for testing military-grade goods. 

9. TYTX MacBook Pro Leather Case 

This case comes in a slim, sleek design with top-quality faux leather and a shockproof, non-rugged surface. Available with an in-built stand, this product offers perfect all-around coverage and is one of the market’s most affordable MacBook cases. 

10. Mosiso Hardshell Case for MacBook Pro 16 

Affordable and stylish, this hardshell case from Mosiso is the perfect fit for your latest MacBook Pro 16. Available in an assortment of colors, including transparent, it has a glossy finish to prevent damage from scratches and fingerprints. 

11. Tech21 Evo Hardshell Case 

Designed specifically for the 14-inch and 16-inch 2021 MacBook Pro models, this tough hardshell case can withstand all kinds of weather impacts and is UV-resistant. Made of translucent polyurethanes, the case body and sleek design are easily visible to the users and onlookers. Additionally, its hard shell coating protects your MacBook from scratches and bumps. 


So, these are some of the best MacBook cases you can find. As evident from this list above, there are varied options, regardless of your MacBook model. However, beware of the ultra-cheap cases made of poor-quality materials that may not be able to prevent damage. Since your MacBook is expensive, do not risk your money for an inferior-quality case. 


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